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2016 Swimsuits for Women

Swimsuits That Fit Your Figure and Flatter Your Style

Caribbean Joe Swimsuits 2016

Highlights of the 2016 Swimsuit Season

Bold solids and daring prints are the defining statement of the 2016 swimming season.

One Piece Swimsuits are a hit this year with stunning Miraclesuit swimwear and stylish new designer Mazu.

Tankini tops remain at the top with nearly all designers putting forward their best tankinis this year including selections from Mazu and Penbrooke. Bra sized swimwear tops and tankinis are hot especially among larger busted brands Sunsets, Swim Systems, Tara Grinna, Fantasie and Freya.

Whether you're shopping for small sized bikini tops, bra sized underwire swimsuits, tankinis or plus size one piece swimsuits for women, you'll find it fast and easy in our swimsuits catalog.

With so many choices, it may be difficult to decide which swimsuit is right for you.

Don't worry we have swimsuit style guides and friendly customer service to help you get your perfect swim "looks".

Find the Best Swimsuit in Our Hand-Selected Swim Shop!

No Time to Shop? Here are Four Swimsuits That Do it Right

Proven track records for comfort, style and fit should make these four swimsuit selections your go to suit. All from Sunsets Separates, these are the styles. The 77 Twist Front Tankini is a bra sized tankini that started it all and is our number 1 tankini swimsuit, it's stylish for any age. The 960 is a new wrap and the 59 is the halter bikini top - all based on the 77 sunsets tankini. For a bottom, our selection is the 25B Basic Brief that goes well with any top.

Let Us Help You Select Your New Swimsuit

Swimming Soon? Shop Our Swimsuits for Women

Do you love fun, playful swimwear styles, but have problems finding good options for big-busted women? We've got you covered at Big Girls' Bras. Our designers know how to create styles that will look great and provide the support you need if you're shopping for large-busted swimwear. For a fun, flirty look, check out Freya, Fantasie and some of our other designers.

Freya swimwear doesn't hold the monopoly on flirtation. Many of our other designers feature fun, flirty collections or design options that meet your needs. Whether you prefer a playful fabric choice or a flattering and sexy cut, these designers have what you need.

Check out our swimwear by Fantasie, Sunsets, Swim Systems and Tara Grinna. Fantasie has a wide range of swimwear for big-busted women in many flirty styles, as well as some more conservative options. You'll also find flirty swimwear with Aerin Rose, Sunsets, Swim Systems and Tara Grinna, although some of these designers don't offer as many flirty options.

Modest Swimwear for Full-Figured Women

Full-figured women have a hard time shopping for swimsuits. It can be difficult to find swimwear in the right size at the local department store, and even when it does fit, it's often just a scaled-up version of a smaller swimsuit that isn't really flattering on a large frame. Fortunately, designers have taken up the call of designing swimwear that looks great on full-figured women. If you've been looking for a modest swimsuit for a plus-size woman, there are some great designers and swimwear options for you from Miraclesuit or Anita.

When you're shopping for plus size swimwear, you want to look for patterns that physically break up the space in the problem areas that worry you. Look for designs and prints that lead the eye all over the body, and don't draw particular attention to your stomach or other problem areas. You can also look or physical swimsuit elements that draw the eye, such as creases in the swimwear, buckles or other elements, which can draw attention away from the areas you want to minimize. Finally, loose, draping material can be more flattering than form-fitting styles if you're really sensitive about specific areas.

Elegant Swimwear Options for Full-Busted Women

Every designer has a unique style, and those styles each have a time and a place. If you're an elegant fashionista wearing your swimwear poolside at the highest of high-end hotels and events, you'll want a very different look from the flirty beach bunny. Here at Big Girls' Bras, we've got swimwear for every look and style. Fuller-figured woman in need of an elegant swimsuit? No problem. Big-busted woman looking for a fashionable piece of swimwear? We've got it. Check out some of our favorite designers for the elegant looks that will fit your body.

If you're looking for big busted swimsuits that would fit in with a five-star resort, we can help. It can be difficult to find large bust swimsuits, and even harder to find swimsuits suited to elegant occasions or fashionable settings. If you need something more discerning than a beach bunny's bikini, check out some of the elegant swimwear options from our popular designers. Want more swimwear options? Browse our entire swimwear collection to find just the right look and fit for you.

Find the Swimwear that's Best for You