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2016 Larger Bust Size, Large Cup Bra Sized Swimwear for Women

Cute Bra Sized Swimwear and Curvy Figure Flattering (Figure Amazing) Swimsuits

We couldn't call ourselves Big Girls if we didn't carry lots of choices in DD bra sized swimwear and higher - like F and G cup swimsuits. Our early favorites for the swimming season are Sunsets Separates and Tara Grinna for D/DD and F/G cups with bands up to 42. Whether you prefer a sexy bikini in large cup sizes or a tankini or swimdress, you'll find an astounding selection of prints, flattering swim styles, and cute one piece bathingsuits.

More Choices in Large Bust Size Swimwear Than Ever Before

Our best selling tankini in D, DD, E, F & G is the Twist Front Tankini by Sunsets Separates - you'll love the fit and the look!

New Freya Swimwear

Prints and styles in women's sizes are finally catching up to the beachwear fashion world. You can still find some classic prints, but looking toward the top swim design houses in the United States, the prints are super amazing this year.

Look at Sunsets, Swim Systems, Tara Grinna and Mazu for the cutest styles in full figure bathing suits, plus size swimwear, and swimsuits for large bust sizes.

Mix and Match Swimwear Separates Within The Same Brand

Skirted swimsuits are a great way for large-busted women to draw attention away from the bust. Skirted swimsuits provide a little stylish embellishment on the bottom, which can help draw attention to other flattering elements of your shape. The Sexy Skirted Bikini by Sunset Separates is one example of a skirted bikini that gives you the ability to mix-and-match your two-piece suit, and draw flattering attention away from your large bust.

Tankini swimsuits are great options for large-busted women. A tankini swimsuit contains more material than a bikini or halter top, which inherently provides more support. Because the tankini top has more material, there is more of an option for designers to include good support features, such as elastic panels, underwires and wide straps.

Completing Your Beachwear and Poolside Look

After a long day in the sun, the last thing you want to do is pull on a pair of jeans! We have just the accessories you want to look good arriving at the beach, and feel great walking back to the hotel. Pareos, cover ups, tunics, wrap skirts and shorts help you look your best walking down the avenue or let you take your beachwear look from the outdoors to inside your favorite restaurant.

The Joys of Swimwear Accessories

Swimsuit accessories such as pareos, sarongs and wraps give the average swimsuit a lot of versatility. With the right swimsuit top and accessory, you can wear the suit almost as an outfit; it's suitable for wearing into restaurants, shopping in those quaint beachside towns, and even adding a bit more sex appeal to your swimsuit. Most men will tell you it's what they can't see that adds to the mystery; so rocking the right accessory can increase the sexiness of your swimsuit.

And accessories are great if you're sensitive about certain body areas, such as the thighs or belly, and don't feel comfortable walking around in just a swimsuit. There are so many reasons to have the right swimwear accessory - all you really need is to find the ideal garment!

Wrap a Pareo
The word pareo is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for wrap-around skirt. It's similar to the Malaysian sarong, although a pareo is typically a bit shorter than a sarong. Most of our pareos hit anywhere from mid-thigh to upper-thigh, although we do have a couple of sheer options that fall below the knee like a sarong. A pareo is great for concealing the top of the thighs and bottom region, if you're worried about cellulite or are just sensitive about walking around with this region exposed. It's also a sexy accessory to complete a fun and flirty look.

Choose a Sarong
A sarong is a long piece of fabric that's wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpit, traditionally worn by women in Southeast Asia. In Western society, the use of the word sarong is more a marketing choice than a descriptor of the garment itself, as our sarongs range from short to long and don't follow the traditional definition.

Rock a Wrap or Skirt
Swimsuit wraps are the most diverse category of swimwear coverups or accessories, including full full-body wraps and tunics that cover the entire torso, to wraps designed in a more traditional sarong or pareo style. Many of our designers feature matching wraps to complete their collections, so you can find some great, colorful wraps to complement your favorite swimsuit!

Let Us Help You Select Next New Large Cup Swimwear

DD and Bra Sized Swimwear from Freya and Fantasie

Our women's swimwear reviews, year after year, say it all - FINALLY, A SWIMSUIT THAT FITS!

After years of searching for a suit that fit full busts and also look great, more women are finding that perfect DD or DDD and other bra sized swimwear selections here, at

Our best selling bra sized swimwear brands - Freya and Fantasie offer you practically hundreds of choices in bra sized tops, mix and match bikini bottoms, accessories, and some of the best looking and best fitting one piece swimsuits ever created.

Support is Sexy

The most important thing to remember when you're shopping for swimsuits for big busted women is that no matter how sexy the cut or styling, a swimsuit isn't going to look good without providing the proper support. You want a nice, supportive swimsuit for your bust. Cut and style second; but first look for support features built into the swimsuit, such as underwires, a third bridge, double-straps or extra wide straps and other support features. Once you've found a great supportive style, you can rock it and look sexy all day long.

Women's Swimwear: Underwire Tankini Swimsuits - Hot is Hot

Love to love your tankini, a variety styles and color utopia let you look and feel your best in a tankini that is made to fit and support. These tops are a must have now-a-days because of their great looks, fit and versatility: you're covered, supported and you can go in the water or in a restaurant, confident in your appearance.

Personally, we think that Tara Grinna's tankinis, with great prints and American designs (best known in the Bahamas and around the Gulf Coast) are among the hottest in our swimwear catalog.

But by far, our best selling underwire tankini swimsuit is the twist front Sunsets 77 series. The Sunsets 77 Tankini is a highly sought after, amazing swimsuit with high quality, a good fit and attractive design, durable and best of all... it's flattering.

Swimwear and Large Swimsuits Shopping for DD to H Bra Sized Swimwear

Don't Limit Your Swimwear Search

If you're looking for big busted swimsuits that would fit in with a five-star resort, we can help. It can be difficult to find large bust swimsuits, and even harder to find swimsuits suited to elegant occasions or fashionable settings. If you need something more discerning than a beach bunny's bikini, check out some of our elegant swimwear options from popular designers. Remember: don't confine your search to these options; they're just starting points for your hunt. Want more swimwear options? Browse our entire swimwear collection to find just the right look and fit for you.

Underwire swimsuits are your secret weapon when you're shopping for large bust swimsuits. Underwire swimsuits give you the support you need without covering you up completely. Full coverage swimsuits provide the best support for large-busted women, but they might not be your top choice if you're looking for a sexy style. This is where the underwire comes in.

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Find the Swimwear that's Best for You