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Find the Bra or Swimsuit that's Best for You

Which Large Cup Bra is Best for You?

High Marks for Both Comfort and Support, These are a Few of Our Most Popular Bras

Parfait By Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra 6901
Parfait By Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra 6901

Collection: Charlotte

Colors: Dusty Rose/Black, Red/Black, Wild Pink/Black, Purple Wine/Black, Icy Blue/Black, Floral Shimmer

Sizes: 36 - 44 C; 28 - 40 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K; 42 - 44 D, DD, E,F, FF

Features: Padded, Underwire, Push Up

Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353
Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353

Collection: Plus Size

Colors: Black, Candlelight, White

Sizes: 32 - 46 E, F, G, H (Candlelight, White, Black); 48 - 56 E, F, G, H (Candlelight); 32 - 56 I. J, K (Candlelight); 32 - 46 I, J, K (Black)

Features: Cushioned Straps, Jacquard Fabric, Soft Cup

Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra 1305
Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra 1305

Collection: Soft Cup

Colors: White, Nude, Black, Red, Mocha, Lilac, Cobalt Blue

Sizes: 34 - 52 F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N

Features: Jacquard Fabric, Soft Cup, Coverage

Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357
Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357

Collection: Plus Size

Colors: Black, Blush

Sizes: 34 - 46 F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P

Features: Minimizer, Soft Cup, Support

Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra 6090
Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra 6090

Collection: Keira

Colors: Chocolate, Fawn, Black, Nude, Scarlet

Sizes: 38 - 46 DD; 36 - 46 DDD, G, H; 34 - 46 I, J, K; 34 - 44 L; 34 - 42 M, N

Features: Banded, Underwire, Up to N Cups

Goddess Alice Underwire Full Cup Bra 6041
Goddess Alice Underwire Full Cup Bra 6041

Collection: Alice

Colors: Black, Nude

Sizes: 34 - 48 G, H, I, J, K, L; 34 - 46 M; 34 - 44 N

Features: Underwire, Full Cup, Four Section Cups

Glamorise Posture Back Support Bra 1265
Glamorise Posture Back Support Bra 1265

Collection: Magic Lift

Colors: White, Cafe, Black

Sizes: 36 - 58 B, C, D, DD, F, G, H, I, J, K

Features: No Wires, Posture Back, Support Bands, Front Closure

Cortland Intimates Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra Style 9603
Cortland Intimates Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra Style 9603

Collection: Support

Colors: White, Blush, Black

Sizes: 34 - 52 B, C; 34 - 56 D, DD, DDD; 36 - 56 G, H

Features: Front Closure, Wide Straps, Soft Cups, Back Support

Goddess Sport Bra 5056
Goddess Sport Bra 5056

Collection: Sports

Colors: White/Gray, Black

Sizes: 34 - 48 C, D, DD, DDD, G. H, I

Features: Better Fit, Anti-Microbial, Improved Strap Adjustment

Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra 8030
Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra 8030

Collection: Caitlyn

Colors: Black, Nude, Pearl

Sizes: 38 - 46 DD; 36 - 46 E; 34 - 46 F, FF, G, GG, H, HH; 34 - 42 J, JJ

Features: Underwire, Support, Full Figure

Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500
Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500

Collection: Smoothing

Colors: White

Sizes: 30 - 40D; 30 - 42 DD, E; 30-40 F; 30 - 38 FF, G

Features: Molded, Seamless, Underwire, Wide Straps

Dominique Maxine Seamless Deep Plunge Bra 4500
Dominique Maxine Seamless Deep Plunge Bra 4500

Collection: Bras and Lingerie

Colors: Black, Nude

Sizes: 32 - 44 DD, F, G, H; 32 - 40 I

Features: Underwire, Seamless, Double Molded Comfort Cup, Wide Straps, Adjustable Straps, Deep Plunge

Getting the Right Large Cup Bra with a Perfect Fit

How to Choose the Right Bra

For an active day: choose a full-coverage bra with wide, supportive straps. A bra with good coverage or reinforcement across the back can help prevent riding up when you're active. Something like the Enell Sports Bra is an excellent choice, because of its effective supportive features and moisture-wicking material that help the bra stay in place even when you sweat.

For low-cut clothing: A demi-cup bra with wide-set straps is an excellent choice if you're wearing a shirt or dress with a low-cut neckline. The fabric of a demi-cut or decollete bra only covers half or two-thirds of your breast, so the fabric of your bra won't show if you're wearing a low-cut neckline. One example of a popular demi bra is the Felina Harlow demi.

For under t-shirts: If you want a flattering look under cotton t-shirts or clingy material, consider a seamless bra. Seamless bras are smooth and give your breasts a natural curved shape. The Fantasie of England seamless t-shirt cut bra is a great example of the type of seamless bra you'd want to wear under cotton t-shirts.

For strapless clothing: When you're wearing a strapless dress or top, you'll want a convertible or strapless bra. Most convertible bras have an option to completely remove the straps, and a strapless bra is designed to be worn without straps. The Femi Basic Convertible Underwire Plunge Bra is one of the many convertible style options, which you can wear with straps in various configurations or remove them completely for strapless tops.

See our guide: How to Find the Perfect Bra

Bra Size vs. Bra Fit

We've done a lot of articles here about the difference between bra size and bra fit - check out our "Fitting and Sizing" category for more information. The short of it is that bra size and bra fit are two entirely different things.

Cup size, band size and volume are huge factors when it comes to finding the right bra fit. Technically, a 38D and a 40C are sister sizes - they'll both technically fit around your body if you're in this size range. But the proportions are different in these two bra sizes, in spite of the fact that they're roughly equivalent. A 38D bra size has a bigger cup, while the 40C has a bigger band. The fact that these are sister sizes makes them roughly the same size, but the fit is very different.

The key to finding the right bra is finding a bra that fits your body properly - not a bra that complies with some arbitrary number and letter combination. Four out of every five women wears the wrong bra size, and the most common error is women wearing a band size that's too large and a cup size that's too small.

See our guide: Fitting Bras

Maternity Bras are Designed for Your Changing Body

Maternity bras are some of the most important undergarments you'll ever buy. The right maternity bra offers a broad range of benefits that most women don't even realize. Some women choose not to buy maternity bras, and instead stick with their regular bras as long as possible, and then buy normal bras in larger cup sizes instead of shopping for maternity bras. This is a really bad idea, and here's why:

Unlike traditional bras, maternity bras are designed for your changing body. Maternity bras are specially tailored to women whose breasts are growing due to the hormones of pregnancy. As you progress through your pregnancy, your mammary glands will begin to swell and your breasts will eventually become heavy with milk.

Every pregnancy is different, but your breast size could change by as much as an entire cup size - or more - in as little as a week. Traditional bras aren't designed to accommodate those changes, but maternity bras are specially made for a body with swelling breasts and the demands of pregnancy.

Shop for nursing bras in the last trimester of pregnancy to assure a lasting fit.

Check out our maternity bras fit guide for information about finding the right maternity bra for your body.

What Brand of Large Cup Bra to Buy?

These brands offer you many choices for high quality, fashionable and comfortable women's bras in larger cup sizes: Conturelle, Panache, Empreinte, Prima Donna, Fantasie, Freya, Le Mystere, Anita, Aviana, Elila, Parfait and Cleo.

Parfait Sophia Underwire Bra 7402
Parfait by Affinitas

An exceptional collection of bras and lingerie in bigger cup sizes providing an excellent fit with unparallel style that is truly a gift for the larger busted woman.

Curvy Kate Balcony Bra Style SG3101
Curvy Kate Bras

Curvy Kate bras are designed to make curvy girls feel fabulous about their figure and full bust. There are sexy styles in playful prints and colors that are guaranteed to leave you feeling flirty, frivolous, and fun.

Cleo Lucy Non-Padded Blaconnette Bra 5851
Cleo Bras and Lingerie

Crafted for Fit. Styled for Fun. Super sleek and Flirty.

Panache Suberbra Tango II Bra 3251
Panache Bras and Lingerie

Panache is a world class lingerie brand. Our most popular Panache bra, the Superbra Tango II receives consistently great reviews. Panache bras are frequently featured on popular TV talk shows.

Comments about Panache Superbra Tango II

"I have been wearing this bra for over ten yrs...I have tried to find other bras that fit just as well but cant seem to..they last forever and never lose their comfort. and for being a big girl at 36hh they hold me up very well. I recommend them to everyone I talk to about bra shopping"

Fantasie Molded Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500
Fantasie Bras

The Fantasie bras offer beautiful projection and firm support full coverage and flattering decolletage. Comfortable straps and supportive bands complete the details on Fantasie bras.

Comments about Fantasie Molded Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500

"I've been sceptical about on-line ordering with several items. We had to do so many times while stationed overseas. I have to say that the use of this web site and the products they offer are the best ever! I have ordered over eight different bras from various brands over four years or so. Every single bra was an amazing fit. I love this bra. It is so comfortable and fits so well that it's only detectable from the back where the hooks are when wearing a snug shirt. I love the lift and support it offers without pulling or pinching. Great product!"

Freya Deco Plunge Bra AA4234
Freya Bras

I am my own fashion icon. An innovator. A groundbreaker. A raw talent. I create my own style. Expressing myself through the living colours and poetic shapes of Freya’s new collection. Freedom is mine, up to a K cup.

Comments about Freya Deco Plunge Bra AA4234

"I bought this bra in a 36G. Being this big its hard to find a plunge bra that I won't fall out of, and this is it! I love this bra and plan to buy some more. It's comfortable, looks great on, fits well and keeps the girls where they should be! I'm also pleased that the band and straps stay in place."

Upgrade Your Large Cup Bras to First Class with These Lingerie Brands

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