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SunsetsWhen you have a new swimsuit from one of our great designers like B.Swim, Sunsets, Freya, MagicSuit or Be Creative, you want that just out of the package look to last a long time. Last week we discussed the TLC your suit needs while youre wearing it. This week, well examine how to wash, dry and store your new suit to extend its useful life.

Hand wash your suit in cool water with a mild soap at the end of every day at the beach or pool. Even if you only sunbathed, your suit needs to be washed to remove skin oils and perspiration. And even if youve rinsed your suit throughout the day, it still needs to be washed; rinsing alone doesnt remove chlorine, saltwater or skin oils. Dont wash in a washing machines; the agitation of a washing machine can damage the cups, padding or ties. And the agitation can also pull or stretch your suit.

Be CreativeUse a soap designed for delicates, the soap you use for your bras is great. In a pinch, a little baby shampoo works, too.

Gently squeeze the suit to get the water out, but dont wring your suit. The best advice is to wrap the suit in a towel and gently squeeze. Then lay the suit on a dry towel to dry. Dont leave the suit wrapped in a damp towel because of the possibility of mildew.

Suits should not be hung up to dry. Hanging can stretch the straps or the ties that the suit is hung from and the weight of the water that pools in the bottom of the suit can also stretch the suit. Smooth your suit, gently removing any wrinkles or creases. Dont dry your suit near a heat source or in the sun.

FreyaDo not store a wet or damp suit in a plastic bag, even for a short period. This encourages mildew. If you need to store a damp suit for traveling, punch a few holes in the plastic bag to let air in and wrap the bag loosely in a clean, dry towel.

Dry suits should be stored flat on a shelf or in a drawer to maintain their shape.

Heres a bonus tip: Some designers recommend this prior to the first time you wear your suit. Mix white vinegar with cool water (about one tablespoon of vinegar per quart of water). Soak your suit in the vinegar water mixture for about 30 minutes. Then rinse well in cool water. The vinegar further sets the dyes and forestalls fading.

Big Girls Bras wants you to happy with your new suit for a long time -- with a little TLC, your new suit can give you that brand new look for several seasons.

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