Email Archives: 4 Fun-Filled Ideas to Celebrate the End of Summer!

Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer, but summer's not done yet! Labor Day is just two weeks away, but the weather forecast tells us we have plenty of hot temperatures and sunny weather to look forward to.

Don't let your summer go out with a whimper - end it with a bang by celebrating the beautiful days still before us! With the last big party weekend of the summer still ahead of us, what are you going to do with the remaining weeks of summer?

Beach Go-er

Call In to Work and Take a Beach Day

When was the last time you were a little naughty?

Wouldn't you rather treat yourself to a beautiful day at the beach, complete with girly drinks and summer beach reads, before the hot weather ends - instead of camping on your couch with chick flicks and a box of Kleenex in the cold months ahead?

Instead of wasting all of your sick days on being sick, why not call in to work and take a beach day, instead?

Pool Day

Load the Kids Up and Take Them to the Pool

Do you remember how much you loved going to the pool when you were a kid?

Give your kids some much-needed exercise, and treat yourself to a day in the sun by loading up the kids and taking them to the pool.

They'll love you for it, and you can do a little reading and catch some rays while they're having fun outdoors instead of camped in front of the TV or computer at home!

Waterpark Fun

End Your Summer with a Water Park Adventure

Are water parks just for kids?

Admit it - sometimes you watch them flying down a water slide or floating on a lazy river and you envy them. Well, you're never too old to have fun in the sun! Celebrate the end of the summer with a water park adventure!

Ride a slide. Get out on a tube. Jump in. Be a kid for a day, and remember what it's like to have fun!

Beach Party

Throw an Awesome Beach Party in the City

Not near a beach?

You can still throw an urban beach party to delight your friends and celebrate the biggest party weekend of the summer! Make it a beach-themed party, with swimsuits and tropical drinks.

Bring in a load of sand for your patio or deck, and don't forget the big beach umbrella!

Just because you're not by the water doesn't mean you can't end the summer with style!

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