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It's Hot Outside

It's Hot Outside

We don't need a thermometer or thousands of record high temperatures to know that it's hot outside. And it is the miserable kind of heat. We feel it in the blast of heat that hits our face when we open the door and in the hot, sticky way our clothes feel. It's the kind of heat that makes everything we do a little harder, and tempers flare a little faster. As much as we'd like to hibernate indoors until fall - that's a fantasy we're not going to able to make come true.

At Big Girls Bras, we have some suggestions for bras and panties that can help you beat the heat. Fabric makes a big difference when it comes to comfort in hot weather. You want fabrics that breath and have moisture-removing capabilities. For years cotton has been the go to fabric for hot weather, but in recent years, new synthetic fabrics have been developed that rival cotton's moisture-absorbing capabilities.

Anita Jana Cotton Bra

If you prefer cotton, check out the Anita Jana Cotton Material Soft Support Bra 5427.

This bra is known both for its comfort and support. And it's rated 5 stars by BGB customers.

If the high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics appeal to you, there are several options for you to consider. These fabrics, used in sport bras for years, are now being used in everyday bras. And some of the newer sport bras could be considered cross-over bras; they are designed as sport bras but provide the fit and support you want in an everyday bra.

Check out ... Le Mystere 32

Le Mystere Energie Sport Bra 320 is a sport bra designed similarly to t-shirt bras.

Elomi 8040

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040 offers both underwires and four-section cups that provide excellent uplift and hold.

Freya Active

Freya Active Molded Racer Back Sports Bra AA4891 provides the silhouette you want everyday with the support you want when you are active.

Even in panties, fabrics can have a big impact on your comfort. Barely There offers a moisture wick fabric that is available in several styles. Most brands offer panties in a variety of fabrics, for summer comfort look for cotton or one of the high-tech moisture wicking fabrics.

Barely There

There are a couple of bra fashion accessories you might want to save for cooler weather, especially if you're going to be out in the sun. Direct sunlight can heat metal and clear vinyl or plastic bra straps to an uncomfortable temperature pretty quickly. So cover them up if you're going to be in the sun, or save them for cooler days.

P.S. Feel free to visit our store - chock full of premium brand bras and swimwear, designed to support and flatter, at unbelievably great prices.

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