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For All the World to See

We wrap up our three part Bra Happy series by looking at bra-related fashion faux pas.

Another significant cause of bad bra days is the fashion faux pas. Fashion faux pas are visible - they are there for the world to see. These usually occur when there is a mismatch between the bra and the top we're wearing, but wearing the wrong size bra can also result in a bra faux pas.

The most common bra faux pas is the gap - when the button-down blouse we're wearing is too small and a gap appears between the buttons. U-g-l-y! Instead of replacing all of your blouses try a minimizer bra, depending on the style they reduce breast size between 1" to 1-3/4". A new bra could make all of your button-down blouses look better and you look slimmer.

Cup Runneth Over

Her Cup Runneth Over

Cup Spillage

Spilling over the top of our cups is so common there is a name for it - the double boob. A double boob is when your breasts spill over the top of your bra, creating a bulge above your breasts that looks like another boob, thus a double boob. If you've experienced this, you may be wearing the wrong size bra and you may be more comfortable in full cup bra.

The uniboob is very unflattering. This is when our breasts appear as one large boob with no definition and no shaping. The most common cause of the uniboob is your bra itself. This may be caused by compression-style sports bras that hold your breasts so tightly against your chest that they appear as a single, undefined bulge under your clothes. Switching to an encapsulation-style sports bra which provides individualized shaping for each breast can solve the problem of the uniboob.

Sometimes a uniboob is caused by wearing clothes that are too tight across your chest causing your breasts to squish together. A front-closure bra pulls your breasts inward providing more definition and relieving some of the pressure on your clothing.

And, of course, there is the dreaded back fat. You look great in front, but there are unflattering bulges around the back of your bra. One solution is choosing a bra with a leotard back which can minimize the appearance of back fat. You are more likely to experience back bulges with a narrow band, so consider trying a bra with a wider band.

Compression versus Encapsulation

Finally, having our bras show through in awkward places is definitely a fashion faux pas. It may be an issue of color - nude is the most versatile and invisible bra color, more so than white. It could be an issue of fabric - a beautiful lacy bra may catch the fabric of your top where a seamless bra or molded bra would not. And those pesky straps that insist on being visible when we don't want them to be can be a fashion faux pas. There are accessories that can help us manage our bra straps. Consider the Fashion Forms Bra Strap Converter that pulls the bra straps closer together and turns the straps on a regular bra into something similar to a racerback - it prevents both show-through and straps slipping off of your shoulder. Another option is the Fashion Forms Strap Tamers which are tiny clips that hold your bra straps to a seam in your clothing preventing your bra straps from slipping out.

leotard back and bra strap

So many ways to have a bad bra day, what's a girl to do?

Fight back! Bad bra days do not have to be a fact of life. No bra should hurt. We do not have to suffer the embarrassment of the bra fashion faux pas. At Big Girls Bras we carry an extensive variety of bra styles and sizes so you don't have to settle for an almost right bra. We provide solutions to common problems with bras and provide guidelines for finding the best bra and size for you. Together we can achieve what we all want: to be bra happy!

P.S. Feel free to visit our store - chock full of premium brand bras and swimwear, designed to support and flatter, at unbelievably great prices.

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