Email Archives: National Honesty Day: Time for a Bra Intervention! - Apr 30, 2012

Plan, Prepare, Invite, Confront, Share, Cry, Laugh

Today is National Honesty Day, which means it's time to step out of your comfort zone and be truthful (in constructive ways) with the people around you.

Ever thought about how much more lovely your BFF's outfits would look with a bra that fits properly? This is the time to sweetly tell her - or your mom, sister, daughter, or grandma. Help the beautiful women in your life look their most stunning on the outside by staging a bra intervention.

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How to Stage a Successful Bra Intervention

- Plan it out: Pick a day and time when she doesn't have anything immediately following the planned bra intervention. She might be feeling embarrassed or self-conscious, so plan for a place where you can have some privacy, and where you can be comfortable while you talk.

- Prepare in advance: Decide what you're going to say ahead of time. You may want to print out helpful materials, get together some pictures of her in her less-flattering bras, or even write down a few key points.

- Invite the right people to participate: Generally, you don't want a bra intervention to be a crowded affair. If it feels right, invite a few close people along to help make your point. Keep it intimate, but let her know that this isn't just coming from you. Keep it limited to just women she feels comfortable with to help avoid any undue embarrassment.

The Confrontation

The most important thing to remember during your bra intervention is to be positive, and let her know you're there to help. When you talk, be upbeat and use "I" language - don't be critical, point fingers, or emphasize the "you." She may feel defensive or embarrassed - it's important to keep a positive attitude and come at it as someone who is trying to help her look her best.

Talk with her gently, maybe show her pictures as examples - help her understand that this is about her unflattering bra - and nothing to do with her personally. Explain that updating her bra will make her feel empowered, confident and beautiful. Educate her on good bras and bra fit.

Quick Little Bra Fit Cheat Sheet

Awareness of Good Bra vs. Bad Bra

Awareness of a good bra versus a bad bra is critical in a bra intervention. You need to demonstrate this to her objectively. Every woman's body is different, so what's good for you might be horrible for her. A good bra is mostly about the fit, so focus on the things that every good bra should do:

  • Provide proper support through the band and body of the bra - not the straps.
  • The bra band should not ride up across the back. If it does, the bra band is too large or the bra is worn out and stretched.
  • Breasts should fit within the cups of a bra. If breasts are spilling out or forming the dreaded "double boob" over the top of the bra, cup size is too small.
  • If the underwire or bra band is laying against breast tissue instead of against the chest, the cup size is too small.
  • Breasts should be firmly supported and riding high and proud - they shouldn't look droopy or saggy.

Must-Know Bra Fitting Tips Plus Shopping Resources

Check out our Bra Fit Guidelines for more on proper bra fit. We have tons of info about fit - find what's most relevant to her problem and share with her. Focus on ways she can look great by improving her bra fit and finding the right bra for her. Keep it positive!

If she's ready to try something new but needs a little sizing or fitting help, give us a call -1-866-352-4494. Our fit professionals are happy to help. We carry a wide range of band sizes and cup sizes - whether she's a 32G or a 42D, we've got a handpicked selection of beautiful, quality bras that will help her feel poised and polished.

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