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Email Archives: Quick Fixes for 3 Common Bra Problems - Jan 30, 2012

It's That Simple

Bra problems can be such a bummer. When your bra fit is off, it can throw your whole day off. To help kick your week off with a smile, we're going to lay out three of the most common bra problems and their simple solutions for you.

Is your bra overflowing?

If you're spilling out or overflowing from your bra, either on the sides or over the cup, your cup size is too small! This is such a common bra problem and is so easy to fix.

Quick Fix: Just try a cup size larger. That's it!

For example if you're wearing a 34B and the band seems supportive and snug but you're getting the dreaded "double boobs" effect over the top of the cup, try a 34C. If double boobs persist, try a cup size larger until your girls are completely enveloped in the bra cup with no spillage. You might also want to try different styles of bras as different cup construction works better for different breasts.

Is your bra riding up in the back?

If your bra is riding up in the back, it's almost always because your band size is too large. No, really. Even though it seems disconnected, when we wear a band size that isn't snug enough, we overcompensate by tightening our straps, thinking support and lift should come from the strap.

Quick Fix: To fix, try a smaller band size until your breasts are supported mainly from the band.

In a bra that fits well otherwise, you'll probably need to compensate cup size by going up one cup size for each band size you go down. These are referred to as sister sizes. For example, if you're wearing a 36C, go down to a 34 band size but up to a D cup size. If it's still too loose, the next size to try is a 32DD.

Yes, it may take a little getting used to the snug band feel but 80-90% of your support is meant to come from the band. The band of your bra should stay horizontal, or parallel to the ground, and, bonus, your straps won't hurt anymore!

Are your bra straps hurting or falling down constantly?

Bra straps can pose big problems, whether too tight, digging in and leaving indentations that can become permanent, or slipping off your shoulders non stop. The too tight bra straps are typically due to wearing a band size that's too loose, so we compensate by shortening our straps, mistakenly thinking the bra straps should support us.

The ever slipping bra strap is also often caused by a band that's too loose - but can also be partly due to a combination of sloping shoulders and bras with wide set straps.

Quick Fix: Try a smaller band size and be sure to adjust your bra strap. If your shoulders are sloping, try bra styles with straps that are closer set or try a simple accessory like the Fashion Forms Strap-Mate.

When trying a smaller band size, remember to go up a cup size for each band size you go down, i.e. a 36D would become a 34DD. It might feel snug at first though not so tight that it causes pain or discomfort breathing. Remember, most of your bras support will come from the band!

Always adjust your bra strap for a custom fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. If your shoulders are sloping, try bra styles with straps that are closer set (typically full-coverage or minimizer styles will work well), or try a simple solution like the Fashion Forms Strap-Mate.

Aaaah...The Perfect Bra Fit

The right fit should be obvious when you try it on. Firstly, it should feel comfortable. Your breasts will be nicely enclosed within the cup, with no spillage over or under the cup or along the side. Your band will feel nice and snug, resting horizontally along your back, and your breasts will feel supported.

There should be no pain or indentations from the bra straps, the straps shouldn't be slipping, and the underwire should not be cutting in anywhere. The bridge in the center will lie flat against the skin between the breasts.You should feel supported, uplifted and confident!

If you're still experiencing any bra fit problems, check out our full bra fit guide or call one of our friendly bra fit experts - for free - at 1-866-352-4494. We love to hear from you and we want you to find your own perfect bra fit!

A bra shouldn't overflow from the top of the cup or the sides A bra shouldn't overflow from the top of the cup or the sides.

The back band of a bra should be a horizontal line, not riding up The back band of a bra should be a horizontal line, not riding up.

Bra straps shouldn't hurt or slip down Bra straps shouldn't hurt or slip down.

The perfect fit! The perfect fit!

An example of a great fit: the back band is horizontal and  the cups are filled out and smooth but not overflowing An example of a great fit: the back band is horizontal and the cups are filled out and smooth but not overflowing.

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