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How NOT to Put on a Bra

A common technique that some women use to put on a bra is to hook the bra in front, then slide the bra around so that the hooks are in the back and slip the straps up the arms and over the shoulders.

This is NOT a good technique to put on bras for a variety of reasons:

1. This technique stretches out the bra band, or requires you to wear a band that's too large

2. To fit the straps up your arm and over the shoulders, you'd be wearing the straps too loose

Basically, if you're doing it this way, it's not possible for your bra to be properly fitted. You're not getting enough structure and tension from the straps, and you have to wear a band size that's too large, which means you're not getting enough support. You're also shortening the lifespan of your bra by putting it on this way.

If you have trouble reaching behind you to put on the bra, instead of compromising and using this technique, you'd be better off wearing a front closure bra that you can easily close in front. With a front close bra, you can perfect the fit and wear a bra that's properly sized instead of compromising on fit and size.

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