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The Big Girls Bras Girlfriends Guide to Bras

How to Find the Perfect Bra

Different parts of a bra

Just about every woman everywhere has experienced frustration in trying to find a perfect bra. Well listen up, sister friends; the time of ill fit is nigh. No more taking what the department store happens to have in stock, no more listening to "fitters" trying to get you into what they have on hand.

We have got this one beautiful body, this one gorgeous vessel for our life energy, to take us on this merry go round called life. Let's honor it and treat it as it deserves to be treated. Let's give our bodies nothing but the very best.

First of all, a bra shopping experience should be anything but frustrating. It should be exciting, fun and empowering. Find the right bra, though it may take a little bit of work, and you feel like you can take on the world. The right bra will not hurt, chafe, or frumpify.

The right bra will make you stand up tall, look ten pounds lighter, ten years younger, feel good, and promote confidence. Nothing, NOTHING, is sexier than a confident woman, so what are you waiting for? Let's get started and tap into your inner goddess today.

High Marks for Both Comfort and Support, These are a Few of Our Most Popular Bras

Parfait By Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra 6901
Parfait By Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra 6901

Collection: Charlotte

Colors: Dusty Rose/Black, Red/Black, Wild Pink/Black, Purple Wine/Black, Icy Blue/Black, Floral Shimmer

Sizes: 36 - 44 C; 28 - 40 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K; 42 - 44 D, DD, E,F, FF

Features: Padded, Underwire, Push Up

Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353
Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353

Collection: Plus Size

Colors: Black, Candlelight, White

Sizes: 32 - 46 E, F, G, H (Candlelight, White, Black); 48 - 56 E, F, G, H (Candlelight); 32 - 56 I. J, K (Candlelight); 32 - 46 I, J, K (Black)

Features: Cushioned Straps, Jacquard Fabric, Soft Cup

Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra 1305
Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra 1305

Collection: Soft Cup

Colors: White, Nude, Black, Red, Mocha, Lilac, Cobalt Blue

Sizes: 34 - 52 F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N

Features: Jacquard Fabric, Soft Cup, Coverage

Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357
Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357

Collection: Plus Size

Colors: Black, Blush

Sizes: 34 - 46 F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P

Features: Minimizer, Soft Cup, Support

Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra 6090
Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra 6090

Collection: Keira

Colors: Chocolate, Fawn, Black, Nude, Scarlet

Sizes: 38 - 46 DD; 36 - 46 DDD, G, H; 34 - 46 I, J, K; 34 - 44 L; 34 - 42 M, N

Features: Banded, Underwire, Up to N Cups

Goddess Alice Underwire Full Cup Bra 6041
Goddess Alice Underwire Full Cup Bra 6041

Collection: Alice

Colors: Black, Nude

Sizes: 34 - 48 G, H, I, J, K, L; 34 - 46 M; 34 - 44 N

Features: Underwire, Full Cup, Four Section Cups

Glamorise Posture Back Support Bra 1265
Glamorise Posture Back Support Bra 1265

Collection: Magic Lift

Colors: White, Cafe, Black

Sizes: 36 - 58 B, C, D, DD, F, G, H, I, J, K

Features: No Wires, Posture Back, Support Bands, Front Closure

Cortland Intimates Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra Style 9603
Cortland Intimates Back Support Soft Cup Longline Bra Style 9603

Collection: Support

Colors: White, Blush, Black

Sizes: 34 - 52 B, C; 34 - 56 D, DD, DDD; 36 - 56 G, H

Features: Front Closure, Wide Straps, Soft Cups, Back Support

Goddess Sport Bra 5056
Goddess Sport Bra 5056

Collection: Sports

Colors: White/Gray, Black

Sizes: 34 - 48 C, D, DD, DDD, G. H, I

Features: Better Fit, Anti-Microbial, Improved Strap Adjustment

Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra 8030
Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra 8030

Collection: Caitlyn

Colors: Black, Nude, Pearl

Sizes: 38 - 46 DD; 36 - 46 E; 34 - 46 F, FF, G, GG, H, HH; 34 - 42 J, JJ

Features: Underwire, Support, Full Figure

Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500
Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500

Collection: Smoothing

Colors: White

Sizes: 30 - 40D; 30 - 42 DD, E; 30-40 F; 30 - 38 FF, G

Features: Molded, Seamless, Underwire, Wide Straps

Dominique Maxine Seamless Deep Plunge Bra 4500
Dominique Maxine Seamless Deep Plunge Bra 4500

Collection: Bras and Lingerie

Colors: Black, Nude

Sizes: 32 - 44 DD, F, G, H; 32 - 40 I

Features: Underwire, Seamless, Double Molded Comfort Cup, Wide Straps, Adjustable Straps, Deep Plunge

Bra Fit Matters

The Expert's Three-Point Fit Guide are the Gore, Underwire, and Band

We can't think of anything more important than bra fit when talking about finding the right bra.

Most women are wearing a bra with a band size that's too big and a cup size that's too small.

Some tell tale signs you are one of these women? If your back band is riding up, if your shoulder straps are digging into your poor delicate shoulders, if the gore (center bridge) isn't tacking or sitting directly on the skin then your bra doesn't fit right!

Does Bra Size Matter?

Bra Cup FittingBra Band Fitting

Images courtesy of Panache Lingerie.

You should be flexible when trying on - getting too caught up in numerical sizes can mean you're sacrificing fit.

No one can see your "size" but everyone can see how you actually look in your bra.

It's the foundation for the silhouette your outfit will ultimately put on display, so get your bra fit right, even if it means wearing a 34DD when you really thought you were a 36C.

Also keep in mind, one brand's 34C could be another brand's 32DD; what matters is how you look and feel in a bra, not the numbers and cup size on the label.

A couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for your bra: cup size doesn't remain constant throughout a line of bras-it increases and decreases proportionally with band size-so if you go to a smaller band, you may need a bigger cup. (Example: You think you're a 36B, but your bra isn't fully supportive? Consider a 34C or D.

Bras Shouldn't Hurt!

Why continue to suffer in a bra that just doesn't fit, or worse, in a bra that hurts? Let's pinpoint where your bra hurts. If your cups runneth over, or spill out from below, if you are experiencing the dreaded side boob (flesh mounding up underneath the armpit but over the top of the band) or the unbecoming quadruple boob (flesh mounding up over the top of the cup, splitting the silhouette of your bust line into two parts on each side), then it is time, my friends, to get yourself into a new size bra.

Finding the right bra can seem tricky. We've all heard supposed fit experts telling us to measure around right under our bust and add on 4-5 inches to get our band size. This is a sure-fire recipe for a fit disaster. This band will almost always be too big and the cup too small! For the perfect bra fit, read up on the BGB Bra Fit Method or check out our helpful Bra Sizing Options to find your bra size range.

You can also give our fitting- expert customer service reps a call for free custom bra fitting advice at 866-352-4494. They're very friendly and oh-so knowledgeable!

Then try some bras on in different sizes and styles until you find what fits. Don't get caught up in the cup and band size itself, unless you're going to be ordering the same style and brand bra for the rest of your life (boring!). Not to mention impractical.

Even within a brand you can find a very different fit between styles in the same bra size.

Try on plenty of styles until you find ones that suit you.

Bra Wardrobe Basics

We also recommend that, must you choose, you buy three high-quality bras rather than a lot of cheapies.

Bras, though they seem deceivingly simple, are actually pieces of very sophisticated construction.

The more intricate and well-thought-out the design of the bra (and the best supporting bras are modern feats of engineering, let me tell you), the more the price may go up. You are well worth it.

Not only will your bra lift, separate, and support when it's doing its job correctly, it also imbues a sense of poise in its wearer and protects delicate ligaments in the breast - without putting undue pressure on your poor hard-working shoulders.

Once you've found your perfect bra size and fit, you can get started with one bra to wear, one to wash, and one in the drawer.

Bra Styles Make a Difference

Once you've got the basics covered, it's time to explore different styles for different silhouettes, occasions, and outfits. You may need a T-shirt bra for everyday use, a strapless or convertible bra for special occasions and a variety of necklines, and perhaps a plunge bra for a fun Saturday night out.

You'll always want to try on the bra AND a couple of different tops over it to make sure the bra in question fits you right.

Try on plenty of styles; each one can fit and flatter different figures in a unique way.

Some are great for firmer breasts, some are best for softer breasts, some are perfect for women with two different size breasts.

Nothing takes the place of trying on! But a little bit of knowledge is a lot of power when you're bra shopping.

What are you waiting for? Go and get it, girl! The perfect fitting bra is out there!

Find the Bra that's Best for You