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Fitting Swimwear for a Perfect Fit Every Time

Fitting Swimwear: Introduction

Fitting a swimsuit can be hard and sometimes even frustrating. All manufacturers use a different way of sizing for their styles therefore a size 6 from one manufacture isn't necessarily the same for the next. When trying on a swimsuit you have to be sure to lift your arms, bend and sit. This will help you ensure that everything is staying in place.

Swimsuit Styles That are Good For Your Shape

Long Torso: Styles with waist bust seams are great, also high legs and plunging necklines reduce body length. Avoid verticals.

Tummy Area: Styles with front power net lining work the best. You may also want to try fabrics or styles that pull the eye away from the tummy area.

No waist: Avoid plain swimsuits or bikinis. Try swimsuits with crossover or central panels and mitered vees. You can also fool the eyes by wearing dark color's on the top half and lighter colors on the bottom.

Large Bust: Always look for swimsuits that provide support, comfort and coverage. Good options are underwires, sweetheart necklines and crossovers. Avoid horizontal stripes if you are looking to minimize your bust.

Small Bust: Some great choices for you are halter necks, frills and padded cups. Shirring, ruffles, rushing and frills are a good way to disguise a small bust. Bold colors and prints are great at flattering your figure.

Short Body Shape: Vertical stripes and prints help you torso look longer.

Long Body Shape: Vertical lines are a No No, always go for horizontal stripes and hoops. Tankinis shorten the torso length visibly.

Full Figures: Even though black helps you look thinner, patterns are a better and more exciting choice. V-lines and vertical lines have a slimming effect as well.

Large Hips/Thighs: Bust detailing, vertical stripes and dark colors work great because they draw the attention away from the hips/thighs and up to the bust.

Pear Shapes: One piece swimsuits, light color tankinis paired with a darker subdued bottoms and plunging necklines work fantastically at flattering your figure.

Fitting for all Areas of the Body

Bust: When trying on a swimsuit lift your arms to make sure you are getting adequate coverage and nothing is popping out. Adjustable straps help you feel more comfortable and secure. When looking for a top with underwires follow the same rule as with a bra. The underwire should fit comfortably and it should not rest on breast tissue. Make sure to swoop and scoop so that your breasts fill the cups completely without spilling out. If there is any spillage then you need a larger cup size.

Manufacturers who offer bra sizing offer the best top sizing. If you don't want a swimsuit top with underwires then look for a style with adjustable straps or tie straps at the back and neck.

Tip: The straps should always lie comfortably on your shoulders without digging or slipping. If the straps dig in then you need a bigger size. If they slip off you may want to try a smaller size.

Leg Opening and Waistband: The leg openings and waistband should not pucker or dig into the skin. If this is the case then you may want to try a larger size or different style.

If you are not getting enough coverage then you may want to try a different style.

Tip: For most people the most flattering leg opening falls an inch below the hipbone.

Torso: When trying on a tankini make sure that the torso section of the suit lies well against the body.

Tip: You are looking for a good, streamlined fit.