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About Big Girls Bras

Big Girls Bras, Etc. was founded by a visionary woman, Elenor Cole, in Dallas, TX in 1998. Her mission was to create a space for women who traditionally had a difficult time finding intimate apparel in sizes that actually fit, in styles that actually flatter. She recognized the Internet as the perfect venue for this pioneering venture. And thus, Big Girls Bras, Etc. was born.

With humble beginnings as a family business, BGB was one of the first online lingerie etailers and the very first lingerie site devoted to full figured and plus sized intimate apparel. From those ground-breaking times, Big Girls Bras has grown to become the go-to store for niche size bras and swimwear, shape wear, sports bras and other intimates, offering more total intimate apparel style and size selections than almost any single retail store, paper catalog, or boutique.

Ms. Cole retired in 2003, but her vision lives on in the company spirit as we remain true to her mission of hand-selecting the best, most supportive, and most flattering bras, swimwear and other intimates for every sized woman.

Our customers continue to shape our company, sharing with us their challenges, their frustrations, and their humor. We also keep in close contact with our manufacturers and representatives to keep them abreast of our customers' needs and concerns, discussing with them fitting issues, quality, variety and the ever-present need for more plus-size and full-figured choices in all price ranges and designs.

Our commitment to bringing together a wealth of intimate apparel product selections for full figure, full busted and plus size women in a tasteful and convenient environment is apparent throughout our website, marketing efforts, and customer service. We are dedicated to our purpose so that the once joyless, frustrating task of shopping for intimate apparel can hopefully become something easy, relaxing and enjoyable for every woman.

Do you have a bra or swimsuit question? Please call us directly at 1-954-484-2701.

Contact Us

By Phone
Our main phone number for all phone orders, questions and requests is 1-954-484-2701 or toll-free in the U.S. at 1-866-352-4494. If you have a general question or request (such as a catalog request) please see our Help and Frequently Asked Questions section before calling - most general information is published in that section. Our phone is answered Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern Time, but please keep in mind that several times throughout the day, we may be assisting other customers on the phone, processing orders, and so on and may not be able to take your call right away. If you reach our voice mail please leave your name, phone number and the nature of your call and we will return your call.

By Email
Our customer service email address is:, please feel free to email us your question, we answer email on a regular basis.

When sending email, choose a very specific subject - there is so much SPAM that fills up our email box, that without a good subject line, we may not see your email.

Example subject lines THAT WILL draw our attention:

  • BGB - Please Change my Order
  • BGB - Please Cancel my Order
  • BGB - Please Answer my Question About...

Your Email message needs to be as specific as possible. For example, if you are asking about the status of a backorder item, please include your name, your order ID, and the item that you are asking about. The same also applies for changing or cancelling an order - always include your name and order ID, your zip code will also help us to answer your question faster.

Do not send attachments with your Email. Computer Viruses are spread through SPAM with attachments, so we will not open or read email with attachments. Additionally, our anti-virus software will automatically delete messages containing computer viruses.

By Postal Mail
Our address is:

3540 N.W. 56th Street, Suite 207
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

If you are placing an order through the mail, please mail it to our current Ft Lauderdale address, we accept mail orders from the U.S. and Canada only - all other International orders must be placed online or over the phone.

Using Your Store Credit on Our Website

Your Store Credit is Easy To Use

Thanks so much for your business! We hope you are pleased with your purchase, but if you need to return it, we want you to know that you can use your store credit right on the site, the same day it is issued. With our vast array of bras, swimwear, shapewear and lingerie we're sure that we can find you something you'll love. Need some selection advice, call us up 1-866-352-4494, we're happy to help.

To use your store credit at checkout, all you really need to do is place an item or more in your cart and proceed to checkout.

Log in to checkout as a returning customer and our system will automatically look up to see if you have a store credit available. Then when it's time to pay for your new order, our system will apply your store credit first and you'll only be responsible for any difference. Any leftover credit will remain on your account for future use.

Example: say you have a $50 store credit and you order $35 in new bras. Once you go to checkout and login with your password, our system will see that you have a $50 credit and apply it to your order and record that you still have a $15 credit balance that you can save for later or use right away on your next order - your choice.

Example: say you have a $300 store credit and you order $500 in new bras (a few people do this). Once you go to checkout and login with your password, our system will see that you have a $300 credit and apply it to your order and record that you still owe $200 and will request the difference be placed on your credit card and charged at the time your items ship to you.

If you have any questions or need our assistance, our U.S. toll-free number for customer service is: 1-866-352-4494. Our direct phone number for local or international calls is: 954-484-2701.

Request a Return Phone Call or a Personal Shopper - Free Services from

Request a Phone Call

Just need a question or two answered? Then simply request a phone call.

Our main phone number for all phone orders, questions and requests is 1-954-484-2701 or toll-free in the U.S. at 1-866-352-4494. If you reach our voice mail please leave your name, phone number and the nature of your call and we will return your call.

If you have a general question or request (such as a catalog request) please see our Help and Frequently Asked Questions section below before calling - most general information is published in that section.

Request a Personal Shopper

Do you have a lot of questions, or need some professional help?

Call us at 1-954-484-2701 or toll-free in the U.S. at 1-866-352-4494 and we'll assign a personal shopper for you. If you reach our voice mail please leave your name, phone number and that you are requesting a personal shopper.

When the personal shopper talks to you for the first time, she'll ask a lot of questions, such as what do you normally like, when was the last time you were fitted, and so on. This helps her find items that will work for you.

Phone Orders, Mail Orders and Related Information

Printed Catalogs
BGB is an Internet based company. Our website serves as our catalog. You are more than welcome to print any page from our web site and use it as a reference for placing a phone order or mail order. Please note when printing, that only prices on the current website page are valid.

Placing a Phone Order
Still not convinced about online ordering? Then, use our order by phone. Just phone your order to us at 1-954-484-2701 (1-866-352-4494 tollfree US) Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern Time. If you are visiting our site after hours and would like us to call you the next day, just leave your name, phone number and a brief message that you would like to place an order on our voicemail and we will return your call.

Placing an Online Order
The easiest way for you to place an order with BGB is via our online e-commerce website. Just point and click and all your selections can be ordered in a few minutes. If you've never ordered online before and are concerned about "how safe it is", please see our Safe Shopping Policy, Privacy Policy and Return Policy for more information. BGB accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover for online purchases.

Placing a Mail Order
Placing an order with a Credit Card, Cashiers Check or Money Order through the mail is a lot slower than either phone orders or online orders, but if that is how you've always ordered things in the past, then it is fine with us. Just select mail/fax option at checkout, print out your confirmation page and mail it to us along with your payment at:

3540 N.W. 56th Street, Suite 207
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Please Keep this in Mind when Placing a Mail Order Many items in our closeout, clearance and Misc. section may sell out before your order form arrives in our office. If you see something in our Clearance section that you want, give us a call and we'll either take your order over the phone, or offer to hold the item (for a short time) until your order form arrives.

Pricing and Sets
BGB strives to offer its customers the best prices possible on the most items in our offering. We also offer special "sets of 2" or "sets of 3" on many items that save you shipping charges (Regular Mail U.S.) when ordered as a set. Some items may only be offered in sets depending on manufacturer purchasing requirements. Our sets in combination with one of our coupons have proven to be an extremely popular money saver, so please take advantage of these offerings when ordering.

Sale Pricing and Clearance Pricing
Items that are on sale are subject to frequent price changes. The price today may not be the price in 30 days or 6 months. We do not have a set schedule for when prices change, there are many factors involved for determining sale periods and coupon codes or discounts. So, if you see an item with a price that you like, it is better to order online or by phone on that day than to wait until after the sale period or after the coupon expires when the price returns to normal.

Manufacturing Schedules
There was a time when every garment was custom made for a person. That time has long since passed. The manufacturing process today is based on projected forecasts, fabric availability, inventory depletion, property tax assessments, machinery die-casts for new styles and so on. Occasionally the forecasts are way too low and there is a "busy season" or a fabric or lace becomes unavailable for a long time and shortages occur. We are in constant contact with our manufacturers and for most of the time we will know (or can find out) if there is a shortage. When possible, we'll make a note on the ordering page for that style if there is going to be delay.

Other Availability Issues
Most of our manufacturers introduce new styles and also remove older styles from the offering throughout the year with most new styles arriving in either August to October or March to June. If there is a style that you've "worn for years" and love - chances are that someday it will no longer be available. The good news - if you tell us what you like about the style (for example: it's a soft cup bra with comfort shoulder straps and back support) then we can usually find you a newer style that will work for you. Just give us a call.

Page Caching and other Techno Babble
Some internet service providers and some web browsers "cache" pages (keep them in memory for faster access), so if you've waited a while since printing our pages or if you use a large internet service such as Earthlink, MSN or AOL, it is a good idea to re-check our web site when you decide to order to see if the item is still available and also click the "refresh" button to make sure that the page is current. Our answer to the page caching issue is to use dynamic code elements and expiration dates so that the service providers should access the most recent updates.

Helpful Information for Using our Bra and Swimsuits Website

Viewing Your Shopping Cart
If you are not viewing your shopping cart page, but you've made all of your selections and wish to complete your order, click the "View Cart" link at the top of any page on our site and you will go to your shopping cart page. From there, click the "Checkout" button for a secure checkout form to enter your billing and shipping information.

Using Coupon Codes
Our coupon codes are simple to use as long as you keep a couple things in mind. First, the payment system will only allow one coupon code per order and that code must match a code and all the conditions stored in the coupon database for that code in order to apply the discount.

For example, if you type a coupon code for a Bali discount, but your shopping cart only has Goddess bras in it, then that coupon will not work - you need to type in the code for the Goddess discount. If you try to combine coupons, by typing something like this: Bali, goddess, Aviana, FIRSTVIST - then the coupon system will reject all the codes since what you typed does not exactly match what is stored in the database.

Printed Catalogs and Pricing
We chose the internet as our method of communication and we publish all of our offerings on the internet at address. We do not print a catalog, but you can print any of our pages for reference. Prices are subject to change from time to time, so only the prices on the web site for any given day are valid. If you print a page that has a sale item and then later (the following month for example) decide to phone in your order, that price may no longer be valid. We try to always keep some items on sale and also make coupons available, but these too change over time.

Back Order vs. In-Stock
Our inventory constantly changes. Demand is also high on many styles that we offer. We update our web site many times during the week so that inventory information is fresh. If the style, size and color that you want is only listed as a back order, that means that we temporarily do not have it in our inventory, but we can in most cases get it quickly for you. The majority of our suppliers ship to us once or twice each week, so we are often times able to get items a little faster than the 3-4 weeks stated for backorders. Each time a shipment arrives from a manufacturer, we check it for the orders that the shipment is supposed to fill. If an item you ordered is not in the shipment, we will re-order it for you, send you an email to let you know that it is being reordered, and give you the option to wait for the item, request a different item, or cancel the item all together.

Credit Card Charges and Back Orders
The credit card process is a two-step process. First, when you complete your oder form, your credit card company receives a request that you are authorizing a charge on your card. If the credit card company accepts the request, your authorization is processed, but the charge is not complete. The charge on your credit card only goes through when your item(s) is ready to ship to you. So, if you place an order for one in-stock item and two backorder items - only the in-stock item is charged to your card initially. The charge for the second two items are only charged when we receive them from the manufacturer and they are ready to be sent to you.

Check Cards
The authorization process is the same for check cards, but sometimes your bank will withold the funds that were authorized for three days or longer. The funds are still in your account until the actual charge goes through. You can contact your bank to verify the authorization or charge if you have questions about the process.

How Safe is the Order Form
BGB uses the secure server of our payment gateway to process your personal information including your credit card number. Once you are on the 'billing and shipping information' page - after clicking the "Pay" button of the shopping cart, you are on a secure page - all data is encrypted with 128-bit strong encryption before it is sent over the internet from your computer to the payment gateway. You can tell that you are on a secure page by locating the lock icon on the bottom right side of your browser window (Internet Explorer). Other web browsers such as Netscape should also display an icon to you that the page is secure. Once your card is authorized, the payment gateway redirects your browser to the "thank you" page and your transaction is complete.

Returning Items to BGB
We know that you like to try new things, but sizing is never consistent among manufacturers, so we offer an easy return and exchange process. Please read our return policy for detailed instructions. Only items purchased from BGB may be returned to BGB. If you purchased your bra or other item at a local store or another web site or catalog, please return it to the place from which it was purchased.

Using the Search Functions
The search functions appear on every page of our web site. If you know the style number for the item you want, simply type it in the search box and then click the search button. If that style number is listed on any page of our web site, it will appear in the search results.

If you are looking for a 38DDD bra that is also a minimizer and an underwire, then you would type the following into the search box and then click the search button: 38DDD AND minimizer AND underwire.

If you are looking for a chemise with lace but you would also like to see bustiers with lace, then you would type the following into the search box and then click the search button: chemise OR bustier AND lace.

The search function is a Verity Search collection of our web site and should understand most standard search terms. If you are looking for a multiple word phrase such as 3-section cup, then enclose the phrase in single quote marks like this: '3-section cup'.

The Search is not case sensitive if you use all uppercase letters or all lowercase letters. If you mix case, then the search becomes case sensitive. If for example, you type the word playtex all in lowercase, then the search will return all instances of "playtex, PLAYTEX, or Playtex". If you type Playtex, then the search will only return instances of "Playtex". (Quote marks added for emphasis).

With a little practice you'll soon be able to find exactly what you are looking for with only one or two searches.

Using the Drop Down Filter Boxes
To see all the styles that are currently available in your size, use the drop down boxes. These are the easiest and quickest way for you to see with pictures all of the different styles in your size. We separate the bra sizes from the lingerie sizes to make it even easier for you to find what you need.