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Bra Types...Revealed!

Ever wonder what the difference between bra types is? Bras come in so many different types for different body frames, different outfits and different purposes.

To find out more about the different bra types, read Bra Types...Revealed! Or shop by bra type.

Three of our most popular types, the everyday seamless, the special occasion, or the specialty bra, are shown. There's a perfect bra for your every moment.

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Get the Perfect Fitting Bra

The key to finding the right bra is being open to the idea of being a different size. You're looking for a bra that fits properly and supports comfortably - not one that complies with some arbitrary bra size based on some "calculator" online. Four out of every five women are wearing the wrong bra size because we get stuck on a number instead of learning how to analyze the fit.

The most common fit problem we encounter is a band size that's too large and a cup size that's too small. If this is your problem, the band may technically go around your body, but it won't provide the proper support. This could be your problem if your back band is riding up, if your cups are overflowing, or if the underwire is digging in. By swapping this out for something with a smaller band and larger cup, you're changing the proportions to fit and support comfortably with a more flattering silhouette under your clothes.

Don't tie yourself to a single size that consists of a hard and fast letter-and-number rule (ahem, 36C's we're talking to you); even within a brand, different styles can fit differently. Experiment with different cup and band sizes to find the right fit for you. Find out more about common bra fitting problems and our insider fitting guidelines and keep in mind that we're always happy to work with you in finding the right bra size. We're here to answer questions and provide fit guidance and selection advice at 1.866.352.4494 and we're always willing to exchange sizes for bras in like-new condition. Don't sacrifice great fit any longer!

Extend the Life of Your Bras

Bras are beautiful support pieces of intricate engineering, usually crafted with premium fabrics and the great ones can be pricey. But you can get more for your money by extending the life of your bra with some simple steps.

A premium, well-taken care of bra that fits properly actually costs less per use than a cheap bra with cheap construction. Cheap bras can feel too uncomfortable or painful to wear, or fall apart or stretch out almost immediately. Fortunately, it's easy to extend the life of your bras by buying the right bra size, letting it rest between wears, and taking proper care of it.

When you try on a bra for the first time, try it on the loosest set of hooks before you examine for fit. That's the smallest it will ever be. Over time, as the elastic naturally stretches, you can switch to the middle set of hooks, and then the inside set of hooks. By beginning with the right bra fit on the loosest set of hooks, switching to the next set of hooks will keep your bra looking beautiful and feeling wonderful for much longer than what you would expect.

Another great trick to keep your bras fresh and new-feeling is to have several bras and rotate them through your wardrobe regularly. By giving a few bras equal wear, you extend the life of all of your bras. Ideally, allow your bras a day of rest in between wears to give the elasticity a chance to recover.

Proper care will also extend the life of your bras. Hand washing in cold water with a gentle lingerie detergent and laying flat to dry will do wonders. Try to avoid washing machines, especially without a lingerie bag, and NEVER put a bra in the dryer! The heat from the dryer will break down elastics and damage the underwires.

What's the Best Bra for Cleavage?

Every woman wants to look her best, and sometimes that best calls for a little old-fashioned cleavage. Maybe it's time for a special night out with your certain someone, or maybe you'll be attending an event that calls for a little extra oomph and you want to sparkle and shine. Whether you're looking for a good cleavage bra to complete that special outfit, or something suitable for an intimate night in with your partner, we've got some great options for you.

Many types of bras could fall into the cleavage-enhancing category. Balcony bras, demi, padded cup, plunge and push-up bras all provide different levels and degrees of cleavage. The right type of cleavage bra for you depends on what you're wearing and what you want to achieve.

If your chest is on the smaller side and you're looking to create some cleavage under a low-cut shirt, you might want to consider a plunge, a padded-cup, or push-up bra. These often have some integrated padding and engineering that provide a little more lift. A balcony or demi bra, which are more revealing cup than a full cup, can make a good choice for medium to larger-chested, depending on the outfit and how much cleavage you want to show.

You'll also want to consider your audience, so as to keep things event-appropriate. No matter how you large or small-chested you are, cleavage can be yours!