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When you're shopping for a sport bra, you want to look at the level of support. Certain types of sports bras are best for certain activities, but may provide too little or too much support for other activities. The support level of a sports bra is typically measured in 'impact' - meaning how much impact does the activity have on your body.

  • Low Impact: low impact activities tend to be soft, slow or gentle exercises, like yoga, walking, road cycling or weight training. You don't need as much bounce prevention for these activities, so these sport bras tend to be more comfortable and less restrictive to provide maximum range of motion.
  • Medium Impact: medium impact activities include activities with a moderate impact on your body, such as moderate hiking, skiing and inline skating. With medium impact activities, you want some bounce prevention, but you want to compromise with a bra that's not too restrictive so it's more comfortable and doesn't hamper your range of motion.
  • High Impact: high impact activities are activities that have the potential to cause a lot of bounce, such as running, aerobics, mountain biking and horseback riding. You want very supportive, bounce-restricting sports bras to protect your breasts and reduce fatigue during these activities. Few things tire you out as quickly as bouncing breasts! These bras are so restrictive that they aren't great for things where range of motion is important, like yoga, but they're perfect if you need maximum bounce prevention.

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