Soft Cup Bras - Wear Them Any Time that Comfort is Important

What is a Soft Cup Bra?

Do you hate underwire bras? Do you have trouble finding underwire bras that fit properly, or have allergies to the materials used in most underwires? If you value comfort and wire-free bra construction, take a look at our soft cup bras.

Soft cup bras are bras that are designed to provide support without using an underwire.

Soft cup bra designs may feature things like multi-part cups, inner support slings, leotard backs and wide comfort straps to provide structure and support, even for fuller breasts.

Soft cup bras come in everything from longline bra styles to sport bra styles to everyday bras, giving you wire-free support for every occasion.

Who Should Wear a Soft Cup Bra?

Soft cup bras are most favored by:

  • Women who find underwire bras to be uncomfortable
  • Women who don't need the support of an underwire bra
  • Women who have allergies to the materials used in underwires
  • Women who have difficulty fitting underwires properly because of breast shape, breast tissue distribution or body type
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing and don't want to wear an underwire bra

A soft cup bra may not be ideal for:

  • Women with very full breasts; some women with large breasts don't feel they get enough support from a soft cup bra
  • Women who want maximum support from a bra; many soft cup bra designs compromise support somewhat to provide more comfort

Soft cup bras have come a long way; we've got some great supportive soft cup bra designs even for women with full breasts. If you've been unhappy with a wireless bra in the past, you may want to try some of our new soft cup bra designs to see if the improvements in design now make these bras a good option for you.

When to Wear a Soft Cup Bra?

Soft cup bras are designed with comfort in mind, so you should wear them anytime comfort is important, including:

  • At work
  • Running errands
  • Having lunch with friends
  • Doing housework
  • Relaxing at home
  • Working out
  • Even for date night - we've got some great sexy soft cup bra designs

Because soft cup bras refer to an element of design, and not a particular style, we've got soft cup bras in a huge array of styles, including:

If wire-free comfort is important to you, consider adding a few soft cup bras to your wardrobe!

Shop Our Favorite Soft Cup Bras

We've got a huge selection of soft cup bras, but a few of our favorite soft cup brands include:
Anita Soft Cup Bras Aviana Soft Cup Bras Carnival Soft Cup Bras Dominique Soft Cup Bras Elila Soft Cup Bras Exquisite Form Soft Cup Bras Freya Soft Cup Bras Glamorise Soft Cup Bras Goddess Soft Cup Bras Grenier Soft Cup Bras Le Mystere Soft Cup Bras Leading Lady Soft Cup Bras Playtex Soft Cup Bras Venus Soft Cup Bras

Looking for something in particular? With a wide variety of soft cup bra styles to offer you, we've got a ton of options. Take a look at our full selection of soft cup bras and treat yourself to something comfortable!

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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