Sleep More Easily with a Sleep Bra Providing Gentle Support

What is a Sleep Bra?

Do you have a hard time getting to sleep because of your breasts? Do you want a soft, comfortable bra you can slip into after work? Would you love a bra with just a little support for lounging around the house on the weekend? A sleep bra may be exactly what you need!

A sleep bra is a soft, gentle bra design that provides minimal support and is intended for sleep and leisure activities.

They're typically made from cotton or soft fabric blends, and they're great for women who have sensitive breasts or women who just want a soft bra to wear after work or while relaxing.

Sleep bras also provide support for women whose breasts are heavy enough to cause discomfort while sleeping; these bras are designed to provide just enough containment to keep your breasts from sagging in a manner that will disrupt your breathing or interrupt your sleep. Many full-busted women find they sleep more easily with a sleep bra providing gentle support throughout the night.

Who Should Wear a Sleep Bra?

Sleep bras are super comfortable, and very popular with:

  • Women who are looking for a soft, comfortable bra
  • Women who have trouble sleeping without support for their breasts
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing

Sleep bras may not be ideal for:

  • Women who are recovering from surgery or have medical needs that require a certain level of support

When to Wear a Sleep Bra?

Sleep bras are perfect to wear:

  • When you get home from work in the evening
  • If you're hanging out at home on the weekend
  • When you're doing light housework or relaxing around the house
  • When you're sleeping

Because sleep bras don't provide a lot in the way of support, they're not ideal for:

  • Working out (except gentle workouts like yoga or walking)
  • Wearing to work (they may not provide enough support at work)
  • Wearing at date night or any occasion when you want your breasts to look their best

Sleep bras are super comfortable and they're great for when no one will see you, or you don't care what you look like.

But because they don't provide as much support as other bra styles, most women prefer to wear something with a little more structure when they're at work or out in public and want to look their best.

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