Push up Bras are Focused on Creating Great Cleavage

What is a Push Up Bra?

Are you the kind of woman who loves to be appreciated for all her assets every now and then? Are you looking for a sexy bra to enhance your cleavage and look great under your favorite outfit? Want something special for a low-cut shirt or a beautiful evening gown? Consider adding a push up bra to your wardrobe!

A push-up bra is a bra that lifts and supports your bust, creating sexy, feminine cleavage.

Push up bras may make your breasts look larger, and they're a popular choice among women with smaller bust sizes for this reason. However, push-up bras are also great for women even with larger cup sizes who want more lift and support to create rounded, youthful cleavage.

Push up bras feature designs that enhance the bust, typically by incorporating padding into the bra design. Some push up bras feature graduated padding that is a part of the cups themselves, while other bras feature removable padding so you can add or remove the 'added cup size' at your convenience.

Because push up bras are focused on creating great cleavage, they often come in demi, balcony or plunge cuts. Push up bra designs tend to feature more lace, embroidery and feminine details, although we have several molded cup t-shirt push up bra designs that are practical and embellishment-free.

Who Should Wear a Push Up Bra?

Push up bras are most often worn by:

  • Women who want to enhance their breast size
  • Women who want more lush, rounded cleavage
  • Women who are looking for a sexy bra with some padding and shaping

When is a push-up bra not ideal for your body type?

  • If you've got loose breast tissue, you'll need to be careful with the push up bra design; some designs may make your breasts look 'flat' on top

When to Wear a Push Up Bra?

Because push-up bras are all about creating great cleavage, they're best:

  • For date night
  • With a low-cut top
  • With v-neck shirts
  • When you want to look and feel sexy
  • For lingerie
  • Under formal wear or evening dresses

Since push up bras are purpose built to look sexy and enhance your breasts, they may not be the best choice for:

  • Work - some women feel they're too sexual or distracting in the workplace
  • Leisure - they lift and shape your breasts, and may not be as comfortable as other bra types for things like running errands, lounging around the house, etc.
  • Exercise and working out - they tend to be lower cut and don't provide enough support for active life

Shop Our Favorite Push Up Bras

Take a look at our top push up bra brands:
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Or browse our complete collection of push-up bras, including push-up bustiers, long line push up bras, molded cup push up bras and strapless backless push up bras.

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