Posture Bras Help Relieve Shoulder or Neck Strain Caused by Breast Weight

What is a Posture Bra?

Do you suffer from shoulder or neck strain because of the weight of your breasts? Do you have a job where you sit or stand all day, and find it hard to maintain good posture? If you want to reduce bra-related pain and boost your quality of life, a posture bra may be a great addition to your wardrobe - particularly if you've got heavy or full breasts that cause you discomfort.

Posture bras are bras that are specifically designed to support the weight of your breasts and provide relief from shoulder strain, neck strain and muscle tension headaches.

Because they're designed with support in mind, posture bras are great for full-busted women who find that the weight of their breasts causes physical discomfort.

In a posture bra design, the band of the bra - and the bra back - carry the weight of the breasts. This prevents unnecessary pulling on the shoulder straps, and also helps distribute the weight of the breasts more evenly so you're less likely to slouch or feel like you've got a heavy weight pulling at your chest. Posture bras are designed to make it easier to stand or sit upright, and they can provide a huge boost to quality of life.

Who Should Wear a Posture Bra?

Posture bras provide relief for:

  • Women who experience neck or shoulder pain from their bras
  • Women who have muscle tension headaches caused by large breasts
  • Women with heavy or full breasts
  • Women who feel their breathing is restricted by their bra
  • Women who slouch or have trouble standing up straight because of the weight of their breasts
  • Women with physically demanding jobs
  • Women who stand a lot for the course of their jobs
  • Women with sedentary jobs who find themselves slouching at their desks or work stations

Posture bras are great for relieving pressure, shoulder and neck strain, and preventing slouching that is caused by large breasts.

They're also helpful for women who work in standing jobs, or whose jobs require them to sit and find themselves bending over or slouching at their work stations - even for women with smaller B, C and D cup sizes.

When to Wear a Posture Bra?

With a design intended to relieve stress and improve posture, these bras are great to wear:

  • At work
  • Anytime you'll be standing for a long period of time
  • When you're doing something at a work station and you find yourself bending over or slouching (cooking, sewing, crafting, helping the kids with homework - any time you're at a work station and want to prevent slouching)

Because posture bra designs are a bit more robust, heavy-duty and restrictive, they may not be great to wear when:

  • Doing yoga or Pilates
  • Working out
  • Relaxing at home
  • Doing something that requires you to bend, such as gardening

Posture bras are great for certain applications, but they're not appropriate for all activities.

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