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What is a Pocket Bra?

Have you had a mastectomy? Have you undergone breast reconstruction or breast reduction surgery? Or do you simply have disproportional breasts, and you want a bra that can help you look more uniform? Pocket bras are designed for women who want to use inserts, cutlets, padding or breast prosthesis to change the look of their breasts.

A pocket bra, or prosthesis bra, is a bra that is designed with pockets in the cups to hold inserts, padding, cutlets or breast prosthesis. Pocket bras are commonly worn by women who have had breast surgery, breast reconstruction or mastectomies, although they may also be worn by women whose breasts are disproportional and want to use the pockets to make their breasts look more uniform.

Because pocket bras are designed for women who have had breast surgery, most of our pocket bra designs feature cup sizes from A to DD. We do have a couple of larger styles, but most of our selection is in the smaller cup range.

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