Plus Size Bras Specifically Designed to Accommodate a More Generous Body Type

What is a Plus Size Bra?

Are you a curvaceous, voluptuous woman? Do you have trouble finding the right fit when you shop in a department store, or when you try standard sizing? A plus size bra designed to accommodate a more generous figure may be exactly what you need - for every area of your life!

A plus size bra is a bra that is specifically designed to accommodate a more generous body type.

Plus size bras typically include features like a wider band, proportional bra cups with more coverage, wider straps and other design features that make life easier for full-figured women. A plus size bra is also designed with a more curvaceous body in mind, which means it should fit better than a standard bra that has simply been made in a larger size.

Who Should Wear a Plus Size Bra?

Plus size bras are designed for:

  • Women who shop in full figured or plus size clothing departments and stores
  • Women who wear bra bands anywhere from 38 to 42 and larger, depending on the brand and style

There's really no-one who can't wear a plus size bra, but this type of bra tends to be designated by its size range - so women who wear smaller sizes generally wouldn't wear this type of bra.

However, some women who normally shop in plus sizes tend to have a different body type, and may find the proportions of a plus size bra aren't ideal. If you tend to have a more standard body type on top, but shop for plus sizes because of hips, bootie or thighs - you may find that a standard bra is better for your proportions on top.

When to Wear a Plus Size Bra?

Plus size bras come in a variety of styles, so they're great for any occasion, including:

  • At work
  • On a date
  • Running errands
  • Out with friends
  • Working out
  • Cleaning the house

Deciding when to wear a plus size bra is more about finding the right style for your activity.

There's really no time when it's not appropriate to wear a plus size bra!

Shop Our Favorite Plus Size Bras

Are you ready to treat yourself to a new plus size bra?

These are a few of our favorite brands that offer fabulous bras in plus sizes:
Anita Plus Size Bras Aviana Plus Size Bras Conturelle Plus Size Bras Elila Plus Size Bras Elomi Plus Size Bras Glamorise Plus Size Bras Goddess Plus Size Bras Prima Donna Plus Size Bras Venus Plus Size Bras

If you're looking for a plus size bra for a certain occasion, or in a certain style, browse our complete selection of plus size bras to find the perfect new bra for your wardrobe!

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