Molded Bras are Great for a Seam-Free Rounded Silhouette

What is a Molded Bra?

Have you been looking for a bra that vanishes under your clothes? Want a seamless bra to avoid irritating sensitive nipples? Need a great bra that won't show up under t-shirts? If you love a bra that gives you natural, rounded shaping, consider adding a molded cup bra to your wardrobe!

A molded cup bra is a bra whose cups are heat-molded to a round, seamless shape.

Because molded cup bras are seamless, they're great for wearing under t-shirts or anytime you don't want seams to show. These types of cups contour your breasts into a flattering, rounded shape, and sometimes they have padding to help prevent nipple show-through.

It's important to take proper care of a molded bra. The cups should never be stored flat, or they may lose their shape or become deformed. You should store your molded bras with the cups rounded; either on a hanging bra organizer, or nested horizontally on a flat surface. They can be stored safely in drawers, but don't fold them and don't crush the cups!

Who Should Wear a Molded Cup Bra?

Molded bras are favorites with:

  • Women who want a smooth, rounded shape
  • Women whose breasts are slightly different sizes or shapes
  • Women who have sensitive nipples and want a bra without seams to avoid irritating the nipples

When is a molded cup bra not ideal for a certain body type?

  • If your breasts vary significantly in size; one bra cup may not be filled completely and could 'flatten' or appear squashed or deformed under your clothes (unless you use an insert)
  • Women with very large breasts may find they prefer a multi-part cup for added shaping and support; a molded bra may not provide the shaping and support you want
  • Women with loose breast tissue on top; if you do go with a molded cup bra, make sure you get the appropriate cup size - if the breast tissue doesn't fully fill the cup, the top of the cups may 'cave in' and not look right under clothes

A lot of the issues with molded cup bras and certain body types can be resolved through proper fit and the right design.

Our molded bras vary in design and cut, so try a few different styles to see if there's one that works best with your breast size and the distribution of your breast tissue. A properly fitted molded bra can be a glorious thing!

When to Wear a Molded Bra

Molded cup bras are great for:

  • When you're wearing a t-shirt
  • With form-fitted tops or dresses
  • With fabrics that drape or cling to your undergarments

Because molded cups are so great, we've got a huge array of designs, styles and cuts. You can find molded bras in:

You can wear a molded bra for pretty much any occasion, as long as you find the right design or style for your needs!

Shop Our Favorite Molded Bras

If you're ready to add a molded bra to your collection, take a look at our favorite brands that offer molded cup bras:

Anita Molded Bras Carnival Dominique Elila Elomi Fantasie Freya Goddess Grenier Le Mystere Montelle Prima Donna

Or if you want to browse dozens of molded cup styles to find the perfect cut and design for your lifestyle, Shop our complete molded bra collection!

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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