A Medical or Surgical Bra is Designed to Assist Recovery after Surgery

What is a Medical or Surgical Bra?

Are you recovering from breast surgery, breast reconstruction, breast reduction or a mastectomy? Do you have medical needs that dictate a certain type of bra, or a certain level of support? Looking for something soft and comfortable for tender, healing breasts? Learn more about our medical and surgical bras.

A medical or surgical bra is designed to accommodate a woman's special post-surgical medical needs.

Depending on the purpose and style of the bra, medical bras and post-surgical bras may be made with soft, comfortable materials, or firm materials that provide compression during the healing process.

Medical and surgical bras also encompass prosthesis bras, which typically contain pockets inside the bra to hold your breast prosthesis after a mastectomy. Whether your focus is comfort or medical efficacy, we've got a wide array of medical and surgical bras to choose from.

Who Should Wear a Medical Bra or Surgical Bra?

Speak with your doctor about what to do post-surgery, but generally the people who wear medical or surgical bras are:

  • Women who are recovering from surgery
  • Women who have had a mastectomy
  • Women who have breast prosthesis
  • Women who need compression bras for medical purposes
  • Women who have breast tenderness and want an ultra-soft, comfortable bra
  • Women who have had breast reduction surgery
  • Women who have had breast reconstruction surgery

When to Wear a Medical or Surgical Bra

It's important to follow your doctor' instructions and get the right type of medical or surgical bra for your phase of recovery.

You may need a compression bra for shortly after your surgery, but then switch to a prosthesis bra once you've had time to heal and are ready for prosthesis.

Some women should wear medical bras only for a certain number of days per hour, while other women might be advised to wear surgical bras for 24 hours (particularly the compression style, which keeps the breasts immobile while you heal).

Shop Our Favorite Medical and Surgical Bras

Medical and surgical bras aren't quite the same as our other bra selection; they require more attention to detail and are made to provide specific support or structure after surgery.

Not all brands are alike: check out a few of our top brands for medical and surgical bras:

Amoena Surgical and Post Mastectomy Bras Anita Surgical and Post Mastectomy Bras Leading Lady Surgical and Post Mastectomy Bras Royce Surgical and Post Mastectomy Bras

The right medical or surgical bra for you depends on your needs. Browse our medical bras, surgical bras, mastectomy bras and prosthesis bras to find a bra that delivers what you're looking for.

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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