Maternity Bras are Specially Designed for Breast Growth During Pregnancy

What is a Maternity Bra?

Are you expecting? Are your breasts growing, or are you experiencing nipple sensitivity or breast tenderness? It may be time to treat yourself to a few new maternity bras!

A maternity bra is a bra that is designed to accommodate the changes in a woman' body that occur throughout pregnancy.

Maternity bras are designed to accommodate enlarging breasts, tender and sensitive breasts - and many of them have cups that open to carry you into nursing.

Many of our maternity bras use materials that are designed to accommodate sensitive and aching nipples - with soft fabrics and by avoiding seams across the nipples. A good maternity bra provides convenience, comfort and support throughout your pregnancy - and beyond.

Who Should Wear a Maternity Bra?

As you might expect, maternity bras are typically worn by:

  • Pregnant women (typically in the 2nd or 3rd trimester but sometimes earlier)
  • Women whose breast sizes change with their cycle
  • New moms
  • Nursing women

You may find that a maternity bra isn't necessary for:

  • Women who don't need the deeper cups
  • Women whose bra size doesn't fluctuate

Most women find their breasts change significantly during pregnancy - sometimes as early as the second month of pregnancy. Maternity bras are designed to accommodate these changes. However, some women also find that their bra size fluctuates at certain points in their cycle, and a maternity bra can help accommodate this bra size fluctuation, too - even in women who aren't pregnant.

Conversely, if you find your breasts don't change significantly during your pregnancy (a very, very small minority of women) you might not need the extra capacity of a maternity bra.

When to Wear a Maternity Bra?

Experts advise that you buy maternity bras as soon as your old bras stop fitting, or in the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy if you're still wearing your old bras.

With a wide variety of maternity bra styles, we've got great options for you to wear:

  • With t-shirts
  • Under work clothes
  • While you're running errands or working around the house
  • While you're sleeping
  • When you're nursing
  • When you're working out

There's no time when it's bad to wear a maternity bra - most women find that they prefer the extra support and that it alleviates neck, back and shoulder strain, so they wear maternity bras even while sleeping.

NOTE: There's no truth in the myth that pregnant and nursing women can't wear maternity bras that have underwires! Underwire maternity bras can be great when you want extra support for your growing breasts. If you do want to wear an underwire bra while pregnant or nursing, though, make sure it's properly fitted - the underwire should curve around your breasts and lie flat against your chest wall, and it shouldn't squeeze or pinch. If the underwire is resting directly on your breast tissue, it could potentially cause blocked ducts or mastitis - so it's critical to get the fit right on underwire maternity bras.

Shop Our Favorite Maternity Bras

Treat your breasts to some extra comfort and glamour with some of our favorite maternity bra brands:
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Or browse our complete maternity bra collection to find a style you'll love; something that will look great with your favorite outfit; or just something to keep you comfortable during this important time in your life.

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