Full Figure Bras are Great for Curvy, Voluptuous Body Types

Who Should Wear a Full Figure Bra?

Full figure bras are designed with a more generous body type in mind, and provide great fit for:

  • Women who have trouble finding the right bra size in department stores
  • Women with curvy, voluptuous bodies who have problems fitting traditional bra sizes
  • Women who need larger band and cup sizes (typically band sizes from 34 to 56)
  • 'Average' sized women who want larger cup capacity and more coverage than traditional bra fit

While it's true that full figure bras are typically designed for women with larger body types, some women who fall into 'average' band sizes also benefit from full-figure bras.

Average bras tend to have a shallower cup (or a narrower cup) than full figure bras, so women who wear an average band size but have full breasts may find a better fit in a full figure bra - even if the band size doesn't fall into the 'full figure' size range. This is why our full figure bras start at 34.

When to Wear a Full Figure Bra?

Our wide selection of full figure bras means that we've got a style that is perfect for any occasion.

You can wear our full figured bras:

  • With t-shirts (t-shirt or molded cup bras)
  • At the gym (sports bras)
  • Under formal wear (longline bras)
  • For sleeping (sleep and leisure bras)
  • Around the house (leisure bras)
  • After surgery (medical or prosthesis bras)
  • While pregnant or nursing (maternity and nursing bras)
  • To minimize bust size and create a better fit in your clothes (minimizer bras)
  • On date night (pick a lacy or sexy design)
  • With your work clothes (go with a comfortable, all-day-support style)

There's no time when it's not appropriate to wear a full figure bra - you just need to find the right style to match your needs.

Shop Our Favorite Full Figure Bras

We're so excited by the number of brands who are now offering full figure bras!

These are a few of our favorite full figure bra brands:

Anita Full Figure Bras Aviana Full Figure Bras Bali Full Figure Bras Carnival Full Figure Bras Elila Full Figure Bras Exquisite Form Full Figure Bras Glamorise Full Figure Bras Goddess Full Figure Bras Playtex Full Figure Bras

Stop fighting with bras that don't fit properly - browse our complete collection of full figure bras above to replace every last saggy, tight, pinched, falling apart or otherwise inappropriate bra in your wardrobe!

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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