Full Cup Bras are Great for Women Who Want More Coverage or Shaping

What is a Full Cup Bra?

Do you have full breasts? Do you want more coverage from your bras? Do you have trouble finding a bra that offers the support you need?

Full cup bras are great for women with full busts who are looking for comfortable, supportive bras.

The term 'full cup bra' is used to describe a bra with full coverage; it typically completely covers the breast. Full cup bras are great for women with large breasts who want more coverage or shaping.

If you want a more conservative look, this might be a good style for you, although we do offer full cup bras with a more plunging or lacy style. Many of our full cup bras feature multi-part cups, which offer great support for full breasts or loose breast tissue. Full cup bras are perfect for women who want all day comfort and maximum coverage.

Who Should Wear a Full Cup Bra?

Full cup bras are designed with coverage and shaping in mind, which makes them great for:

  • Women with full or large breasts
  • Women who want extra support and shaping from their bra
  • Women with loose breast tissue who need more shaping
  • Women who want something modest
  • Women who are looking for a comfortable bra
  • Women who 'spill out' of bras with lesser coverage
  • Moms who have breast fed or found that they've lost firmness
  • Women who are concerned about 'sagging'
  • Petite women who wear small band sizes but have large breasts

Full cup bras may not be ideal for:

  • Women with smaller breasts
  • Women with firm breasts
  • Women who prefer less coverage

There's nothing 'wrong' with wearing a full cup bra if you've got smaller breasts or firm breast tissue, but most women who don't need a full cup bra would prefer to wear something with less coverage. Full cup bras can feel too large or restrictive for women with firmer or smaller breasts.

When to Wear a Full Cup Bra

Because full cup bras describe a coverage and structure, and not necessarily a 'bra type,' you'll find full cup bras in a wide variety of styles.

You can find full cup bras to wear:

  • With t-shirts
  • With your professional work wardrobe
  • With eveningwear
  • In the bedroom
  • For date night
  • For everyday
  • While running errands
  • While around the house
  • While pregnant or nursing

Shopping for a full cup bra is more about matching the right style of full cup bra with your wardrobe and your fashion sense.

Full cup bras aren't great for: Low cut shirts.

Since they offer more coverage, they may be visible under low-cut shirts. However, we do have some full cup bra styles that feature lacy cup tops, so you can wear them for date night if you want to flash a bit of lace under your shirt, or with a cami if you have a favorite low cut shirt that would show your full cup bra.

Shop Our Favorite Full Cup Bras

Most of our top brands offer their own variations of full cup bras - these are a few of our favorites:

Anita Full Cup Bras Aviana Full Cup Bras Change Full Cup Bras Chantelle Full Cup Bras Conturelle Full Cup Bras Curvy Kate Full Cup Bras Elila Full Cup Bras Elomi Full Cup Bras Exquisite Form Full Cup Bras Fantasie Full Cup Bras Goddess Femi Full Cup Bras Panache Full Cup Bras Prima Donna Full Cup Bras

Do you need a particular style of full cup bra for your wardrobe? Want something practical and modest - or something sexy and lacy? Shop our full cup bra collection and treat yourself to a new favorite bra!

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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