Demi Bras are Perfect for Low Necklines or Showing Cleavage

What is a Demi Bra?

Looking for a sexy bra that will look great under your clothes - or in the bedroom? Want a low-cut bra with wide straps to wear under a sexy shirt or your favorite little black dress? Demi cup bras offer less coverage and beautiful lace designs that make them favorites for date nights or sexy outfits.

Demi bras are sexy bras whose cups are partially cut away, making them great for low necklines or when you want to show a bit of cleavage.

The word demi means 'half' in French, which is an apt descriptor as these bras are sometimes called 'half cup bras.' A demi bra is defined by cut and coverage, so you'll find them in a variety of styles, including: Longline Bras, Push-Up Bras, Molded Cup Bras, Strapless Bras, Plunge Bras, or T-Shirt Bras.

Because they offer less bra cup, most of the support in a demi bra comes from the band, making it critical to select the right size in your demi cup bra. They also tend to have wider straps to create the open neckline, which means they may not be right for all body types.

Who Should Wear a Demi Bra?

Demi bras are most popular with:

  • Women with firmer breasts
  • Women who want to feel or look sexy
  • Women who want cleavage or who want to reveal the top swell of their breasts

When is a demi bra not the best choice for your body type?

  • If you're a women with breast tissue that's a bit more loose on top; the breasts may appear to 'sag' in the cup
  • If you have narrow-set shoulders; demi bras tend to have wide set straps and these straps may dig into armpit or slip off the shoulders for women with narrower shoulders

When to Wear a Demi Bra?

Demi bras come in a wide variety of styles, which makes them great for a wide variety of occasions, including: Date night, Eveningwear, Bridal, or Weekends

The decision to wear a demi bra is often dictated by your outfit; you might choose to wear a demi bra:

  • With a lower cut shirt
  • With a wide cut or square neckline
  • When you want a little more cleavage
  • If you want to show the top swell of your breasts
  • For a night in with your special someone
  • With a sexy v-neck or plunging t-shirt

Demi bras are rarely wrong for any occasion, although you might find that they're not as well suited for:

  • Professional attire (some women find them too sexy for work outfits)
  • Everyday or running errands (some women prefer more coverage when it's not a special occasion)

Most of our demi bras tend to be lacy and very sexy, so demi bras often double as lingerie if you want something you can wear both under your clothes and during intimate encounters.

Shop Our Favorite Demi Bras

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Looking for a particular style of demi bra, such as longline, plunge, push-up or molded cup? Shop our complete demi bra selection - but make sure you pay special attention to sizing!

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