Cotton Bras are Great for Women Who Prefer Natural Materials

What is a Cotton Bra?

Is comfort the most important criteria when you select a bra? Do you love the feel of a soft fabric against your skin? Do you have sensitive breasts, and want a bra that won't feel tight or pinch against your skin? Have allergies or prefer natural materials? A cotton bra is great for women who value comfort, or women who simply love the feel of cotton.

Cotton bras are exactly what they sound like - bras made with cotton.

Some bras feature cotton only in the cups, while other bras are cotton all over. Many of today's modern cotton bras are actually blends, containing some cotton but also other materials to help provide more structure and stretch resistance.

If you're shopping for cotton bras, make sure you understand the composition and blend of materials and that it's suitable for the application you intend. Full cotton may be softer, but it's also more likely to stretch or retain moisture than cotton blends, which makes it unsuitable for some types of wear.

Who Should Wear a Cotton Bra?

Cotton bras are great for:

  • Women who want comfortable, soft bras
  • Women who find that other materials cause discomfort
  • Women with allergies to certain materials
  • Women who prefer natural materials
  • Women with sensitive breasts who want a soft, yielding material

Who shouldn't wear a cotton bra?

  • Women who want a supportive bra (cotton is soft and stretches over time - pick a cotton blend if you want comfortable and supportive)
  • Women who live in hot or humid climates - cotton retains moisture from sweat and takes longer to dry, and can develop odors

When to Wear a Cotton Bra?

Cotton bras are great when:

  • You want a soft, comfortable bra
  • Sleeping
  • Lounging around the house
  • Doing yoga or other range-of-motion exercises

When not to wear a cotton bra:

  • When it's hot or humid; cotton bras tend to retain moisture and may develop an odor over time
  • You may not want to wear a cotton bra when you're doing housework; if you work up a sweat, it will retain moisture and may smell
  • You're working out heavily; cotton becomes less supportive when moist, and also retains moisture and odors

Shop Our Favorite Cotton Bras

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Cotton bras may be the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe, but they can also be practical and versatile if you pick the right blend. Shop our cotton bra collections in the brands above to find the best fit for your needs - in a soft, yielding bra you'll love to wear!

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