Comfort Strap Bras are Perfect for Women with Fuller Breasts

What is a Comfort Strap Bra?

Do you find your straps digging into your shoulders at the end of a long day? Do you find yourself with sore shoulders or a sore neck because of the weight of your breasts? If you've got a full bust and you've suffered discomfort from your bra, a comfort strap bra may be the perfect solution for you.

A comfort strap bra is pretty self-explanatory; it's a bra that is designed with special attention to make sure the straps feel comfortable on your shoulders. These designs typically feature details like wider straps to help prevent the straps from digging into your shoulder, or padded straps to help reduce discomfort.

Ultimately, comfort strap bras are designed to provide a softer, lighter feel on the shoulders.

Who Should Wear a Comfort Strap Bra?

Comfort strap bras are typically highly sought-after among:

  • Women who have fuller breasts
  • Women who experience shoulder and neck pain from their bras
  • Women who find that their breasts pull their bra straps into their shoulders
  • Women who experience discomfort from bra straps that are constantly tugging or cutting into the shoulders and neck

The idea of a comfort strap bra is that it distributes the weight of the breasts more evenly across wider or padded straps, thus reducing discomfort, pulling straps or shoulder and neck strain among women with full busts.

When to Wear a Comfort Strap Bra

Comfort strap bras come in a wide variety of styles and cuts, so you can find a comfort strap bra for almost every occasion.

We've got comfort strap bras in styles featuring:

  • Lower cups (for low cut shirts)
  • Seamless designs (for t-shirts or other form-fitted tops)
  • Underwire cups (for added support)
  • Cotton fabric (for added comfort)

Comfort strap bras are great if you're looking for:

  • Bras for all-day wear
  • Bras for work
  • Bras for running errands or cleaning the house
  • Bras for weekend wear

There's really no time when you shouldn't wear a comfort strap bra, unless you've got a particular outfit with a certain cut and you can't find a comfort strap style that works with your top.

Shop Our Favorite Comfort Strap Bras

It's time to add a comfort strap bra to your wardrobe and see what all the fuss is about!

These are a few of our top brands that feature comfort strap bra styles:

Anita Comfort Strap Bras Aviana Comfort Strap Bras Carnival Comfort Strap Bras Elila Comfort Strap Bras Elomi Comfort Strap Bras Glamorise Comfort Strap Bras Grenier Comfort Strap Bras Venus Comfort Strap Bras

We've got comfort strap sports bras, leisure bras, post-surgical bras, all-day bras, t-shirt bras, plunge bras and longline bras.

You name it, we've probably got a comfort strap option for you. Browse our complete selection of comfort strap bras to find the perfect style for your wardrobe!

Find the Bra that's Best for You

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