Bridal Bras and Corsets May Work Well for Low Back Dresses

What are Bridal Bras and Corsets?

Your big day is fast approaching, and you've found the perfect dress - but now you need the perfect bridal bra or bridal corset to go with it! What you wear underneath the dress is just as important as the dress itself; bridal bras are designed to offer structure, support and shaping to help you look great on your special day.

Bridal bras and corsets come in a wide variety of styles to complement every wedding dress.

They're designed to offer more structure and support to provide a good, solid foundation under your dress. Strapless bras or convertible bras are very common in our bridal selection, with many wedding dresses offering gorgeous, dramatic necklines where normal bras just won't work. Bridal bras can also be longline bras or corset bras, which can help cinch in your waist and give you the perfect silhouette under your dress.

There's such a wide variety of bridal bras and corsets that it's impossible to generalize; the key is finding the right style to match your dress and provide the support and shaping best-suited to your body type. Many women also pick a bridal bra that makes them feel sexy and alluring, which they can then wear to entice their new spouses when the wedding night arrives!

Who Should Wear Bridal Bras and Corsets?

Who should wear strapless bridal bras?

  • Women who have firm, perky breasts
  • Women who don't need as much help with support or shaping
  • Women who don't want the feel of a longline bra
  • Women with torso lengths that aren't conducive to a longline or corset bra (short torso - these bras may be too long; long torso - the bras may not come down far enough and the bottom of the bra could show through the corset of the dress)

Who should wear longline bridal bras?

  • Women with fuller breasts who have trouble getting adequate support from a strapless bra
  • Women who want a little extra cinching and shaping, but not too much
  • Women who don't want to worry about bra slippage throughout the day
Who should wear bridal corset bras?
  • Women who want more support than a strapless bra can provide, typically due to fuller or heavy breasts
  • Women who want more substantial shaping and cinching than a longline bra can provide
  • Women who want a sexy bra they can wear as lingerie to surprise their new spouses on the wedding night

When to Wear a Bridal Bra or Bridal Corset?

When to wear strapless bridal bras:

  • When you're wearing an off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strap wedding dress

When to wear longline bridal bras:

  • When you wear a spaghetti strap or off-the-shoulder style wedding dress
  • When you need a low-back bra that won't be visible under your wedding dress
  • When you have a plunging neckline and need a plunge-style bra that's still supportive

When to wear bridal corset bras:

  • When you have a form-fitting or sheath-style bodice that hugs your body, and you want the shaping of a corset bra
  • When you're wearing a strapless, off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strap wedding dress

Shop Our Favorite Bridal Bras and Corsets

Ready to get started finding the perfect bridal bra or corset bra for your wedding dress and body type?

These are a few of our favorite brands to get you started:
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Whether you're looking for full-figured or plus size bridal bras, bridal bras for full-busted women or the perfect corset bra to take you from gorgeous wedding day to intimate wedding night - we've got something for you! Browse our complete selection of bridal bras to find your perfect pick.

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