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Bras by Cup Size Style Guide

To see more of the body styles for a particular bra cup size, please click or tap the image for that size.

Bras for Your Figure Type

Different figure types have different types of bodies, and bras best-suited to one figure type may not work well for another figure type. These are some examples of the most common figure types, and the best types of bra fits for these figures:

AA to "small B" cup sizes. Breasts with this body type are firm and spread farther apart. Bras for this body type cup breasts for light support and natural shaping. Bras that work well for this body type aren't well-suited for full-figured women with larger busts.

Average Bust
B to C cup sizes. These are the most common bra sizes, and many manufacturers design bras for these sizes. Depending on age and overall figure type, breasts may be firm or fleshy. Bras in these sizes provide shape and support.

C and above cup sizes. In young women with these cup sizes, breasts are fuller, firmer and require good support. Good bras for this body type lift and mold the breasts for attractive shaping. More mature women in these cup sizes tend to have larger breasts with less elasticity. Complete cup coverage for shaping and firm support are the best bra characteristics for mature full-busted women.

Large Sizes
38-50 B and above cup sizes. Women in these sizes have a "plus size" figure and typically wear a women's dress size of 14+. The band size is larger, but the breasts may have the same size and proportion as women with smaller frames, and therefore may not require larger cups. The best bras for full-figured women are specially designed to provide comfort, shaping and support in these sizes.

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Finding the Right Styles

The Right Bra Style for a Small Bust:
A balcony-style bra, with or without padding, can highlight the natural curves of a small bust. Balcony-style bras provide lift and a lovely, curvy shape, as well as a nice neckline. Half-cup bras are also a good choice for a small bust, and selecting a bra with padding at the sides and under the bust provide extra lift. Avoid square-cut bras, as they serve to flatten the look of a small bust.

The Right Bra Style for a Large Bust:
Women with large busts should look for wide shoulder and back straps for firm support. Full cups provide better shaping and contain the breast better than other bra styles. Underwire bras provide the best support for big busts. Lace and decoration on the bra makes the bust appear larger, so if you want a smooth, natural look, a plain bra style without too much lace helps your bust appear smaller.

Different Clothes Require Different Bra Styles
Finding the right bra style isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Different bra styles provide different shaping and work best with different types of clothes. Tailored suits and shirts, for example, look best with a bit of uplift and firm control. When you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt, though, you might prefer a soft, seamless bra to shape you and wear well under the clingy tops. Flesh-colored bras are good under light clothes; wear dark-colored bras under dark tops to avoid flashing white bra, and backless bras go best with a low-cut party dress or sun top.

Bras with lycra or a bit of stretch are good choices if you're losing weight or if your weight varies over the course of the month. Breast size may change with diet, pregnancy, exercise, age and taking the Pill. Breast size can go up premenstrually, so women may need larger bras during the days leading up to a period. Pregnant women may experience hormonal changes that increase an entire bra size in a week, and should avoid underwires because the breasts may become fragile and sensitive.

Wear Sports Bras When You Exercise!!

We can't emphasize this enough. Some women consider sports bras as "optional" during exercise. They're not. Any excessive breast movement puts a significant strain on the ligaments that hold the breasts in place, causing them to stretch and resulting in long-term sagging.

Everyday bras simply don't provide enough support and hold the breasts firmly in place during exercise. Sports bras are specially designed to allow freedom of movement while holding you firmly in place, and they're made of fabrics that channel moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric. Sports bras come in different shapes and styles suitable for different activity levels, but they're absolutely vital to wear when you exercise.

Shop our most popular sports bras and read more about sports bras: Sports Bras for Large Breasts.

Find the Bra that's Best for You