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How I Went From a 38 to a 34 in 5 Minutes!

No, it’s not a magical diet! Last week we had a training session in which a friend of someone at Big Girls Bras had volunteered for.  It was an exercise for customer service so that they are better with helping fit issues over the phone.  One of our customer service reps has been working here

Is a Good Bra Really ‘Hard to Find?’

A few weeks ago, Huffington Post ran a blog: “Like a Man, a Good Bra is Hard to Find.” The author related a tale of being fitted for a bra at Bloomingdale’s – the discomfort of the experience, the techniques that the fitter used – and of course, the fact that she naively forgot to

Have You Had a Bra Fitting Lately?

What’s the number one reason that bras and swimsuits feel uncomfortable or aren’t very flattering? Because they’re not properly fitted! Studies have found that more than 80% of women are walking around every day wearing the wrong bra size. This means that 4 out of every 5 women aren’t wearing the right size bra, or