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Luxury, Comfort, and Quality of Empreinte Bras

Empreinte is a high end brand of elegance, sophistication, and quality.  I know I oftentimes wonder about products and why one costs more than the other.  After meeting with a rep from Empreinte last week, I am here to inform you just what makes Empreinte worth every

2016 Curve Plus Size Swimwear

Curve Swimwear is made by the very much loved brand, Sunsets.  What makes Curve Swimwear so special?  For starters, Curve has the same designs and prints that Sunsets uses.  Sunsets was launched before Curve, and the popularity stems from their deep understanding of specialty cup sized swimwear.

Unbelievable Prices at Our Biggest Sale Ever!

$96 Empreinte underwear for $6? Yes, please. This is the best way that I can sum up our current sale.  Lots of items are waaaay more than 50% off, and a simply unbelievable clearance.  There is so much on sale that I will let you know below

3 of the Best Underwire Bras For Lasting Comfort

There are plenty of reasons I understand for not wanting underwire in a bra.  But what I wonder often when I research bras and try them is, how many people have sworn off underwire due to a bad experience because they were wearing the wrong size?  I

Forget the Size and Concentrate on the Fit!

Since I have began my bra education here at Big Girls Bras, I think that the most important lesson I have learned is that you simply don’t wear the same size in each bra.  Before or after I try on a bra I read tons of reviews