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Forget the Size and Concentrate on the Fit!

Since I have began my bra education here at Big Girls Bras, I think that the most important lesson I have learned is that you simply don’t wear the same size in each bra.  Before or after I try on a bra I read tons of reviews

The Ultimate Comfort Found in the Aviana Soft Cup Minimizer Bra

Today I must gush over another bra which is the Aviana Soft Cup Minimizer Bra 2357.  I wanted to try this bra because of how popular it is.  I can hardly begin to list the reasons why this bra would normally be passed over by me; first

Comfort, Class, and Confidence with the Elomi Rita

So for today’s blog I wanted to highlight a bra I just fell in love with.  I also did a video review which should be released this week, but for me it is much easier to gush in writing. The Elomi Rita 8011.  It is a true

New 2016 Swimwear Pouring In!

With tons of new swimwear pouring in from Sunsets, Tara Grinna, and others I wanted to highlight some of the really amazing prints from some of the other new 2016 swim lines. Now while it is personal preference, I am in love with all the new Blush

Year End Sale Starts Now! Save up to 75% off Your Favorite Brands!

The Year End Sale for Big Girls Bras has begun!  Save up to 75% off your favorite brands in both bras and swimwear!  See our entire sale and clearance selection. Bras on sale include Aviana, Elomi, Parfait, Le Mystere, Femi, Dominique, Cortland, Affinitas, Grenier and more!