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Aviana Plus Size Bras

Aviana is dedicated to making plus size and full-figured bras.  Determined to make women feel as though the bra was created just for them, Aviana studied body types and women’s needs rather than just sizing up smaller bras.  Aviana has succeeded.  Here are a few of the things customers say about Aviana bras: “It is

Have You Had Your Parfait Today?

With Parfait’s Autumn/Winter Collection just out, I wanted to take some time to emphasize what makes this brand just oh-so-great. First off, Parfait has got style. Affinitas started the Parfait brand in 2010, so it’s only 5 years old. Yet celebrities everywhere endorse it. Nicki Minaj was featured wearing the very trendy and popular Charlotte

The Truth About Push-Up Bras

There are so many misconceptions out there about push-up bras. I want to clear a couple of these things up because EVERY woman should own a push up bra. There are so many benefits to them! Let’s get to the bottom of all this wrong information out there. But first off, I need to start

A Few of My Favorite Things: Bras Edition

There are a few style bras every woman should own. And really, your bras should be rotated daily to ensure longevity of bra life. You should always have several Everyday bras, a T-Shirt bra for tight fitted clothing, and a good sports bra. Personally, I think everyone should also have that FAVORITE bra. You know

Panache T-Shirt and Balconette Bras

Panache Bras makes a wide varitey of bras that cater to plus sized and full figured women: including sports bras, balconette bras, strapless bras and plunge bras! For starters, try one of our customer-favorite everyday bras – the Panache Smooth T-Shirt Bra! This t-shirt bra is seamless and molded, so it provides great shaping and