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Brand Highlight: Organic Tagua Jewelry

Organic Tagua JewelryFor this week’s brand highlight, we’re going to take a look at something a little bit different: not a bra, not panties or shapewear or even a swimsuit – one of our accessory lines, Organic Tagua Jewelry! Every woman knows that the right necklace or bracelet can make all the difference in turning an ordinary outfit into something special. Organic Tagua Jewelry is full of great colors and distinctive designs that will make your favorite outfit pop, and we’re happy to introduce you to this fabulous accessory brand!

What You Need to Know about Organic Tagua Jewelry

Organic Tagua Jewelry is a beautiful and unique accessory company that provides a broad range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even some small carvings that can add color to your office.


Organic Tagua Jewelry started with one very special individual: Soraya Cedeno, a woman who was born in a small coastal village in Ecuador, but who traveled the world to find inspiration for her future direction. After being influenced by high fashion in Miami and New York, she created a puzzle piece bracelet made from a palm tree nut native to Ecuador – Tagua. The puzzle piece bracelet was so successful that Soraya went on to found Organic Tagua Jewelry, a family owned and operated organization based in Jensen Beach, FL.

What’s Unique about Organic Tagua Jewelry?

The thing that truly makes Organic Tagua Jewelry unique is the fact that it’s all handmade and dyed using organic materials – and the organization’s commitment to Fair Trade practices. Organic Tagua Jewelry has a direct relationship with artisans in the founders’ home village in Ecuador, and production of these pieces helps the local economy and provides villagers with reliable employment and a decent living wage.

This jewelry starts with the Tagua palm tree nut from the tropical rain forests of Ecuador. These nuts are gathered without harm to the rain forests. The dyes used in Organic Tagua Jewelry are certified organic vegetable dyes that come from Italy. Because these pieces are handmade using organic materials, no two pieces are exactly the same – and colors and color combinations may vary.


With sale prices starting at under $15, and full-priced items ranging up to $63, Organic Tagua Jewelry is very affordable when compared with general jewelry prices. When you consider the fact that each of these pieces is handmade, using organic materials, through fair trade practices – the relatively low cost of these pieces makes them a great value. Comparable jewelry tends to be double to four times the cost of these pieces.


The word “organic” features prominently in the name of this brand, and the pieces definitely have an organic feel. Many of the necklaces and bracelets have a chunky style that favors high fashion trends. The colors are bold and vibrant, and lend pop to any outfit. Some of the styles are more simplistic, being reminiscent of polished stone on a string, while other styles are “simple yet elaborate,” such as the hand carved flower bracelets. Organic Tagua Jewelry’s styles are earthy yet fashionable, and they pair with everything from casual weekend wear to formal attire.

Take a look at our complete selection of Organic Tagua Jewelry to find the perfect piece to complement a new dress or your favorite outfit.

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