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Brand Highlight: Affinitas

Affinitas brand highlight

In this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at Affinitas – a brand that truly offers something for everyone. Affinitas bras, Affinatas camisoles and Affinitas panties pair and match beautifully, giving you mix-and-match styles that you’ll love to wear for your special someone – or just because you like wearing beautiful, comfortable underwear.

What You Need to Know about Affinitas

The Affinitas mission is to bring beautiful, sophisticated lingerie to shoppers who are looking for quality intimates at affordable prices.


Affinitas as a brand tens to fit true to size. The bras fit as expected both in cup size and band size. In fact, shoppers frequently comment on how comfortable Affinitas is in terms of fit, some women even going so far as to say they barely feel like they’re wearing anything. The only times that women tend to have problems with Affinitas fit is when they buy a style that isn’t appropriate for their body type.

For example, the classic Affinitas T-Shirt Bra 2411 doesn’t work great for women who have shallow breasts; instead, a bra with more coverage might work better. So when you’re shopping for Affinitas items, expect bras and panties to be true to fit – but make sure you shop for styles that are appropriate for your body type!


Affinitas sizing is consistant with standard American sizing. Affinitas bras come in band sizes from 32 to 38, and cup sizes from A to DD. Affinitas camisoles come in both bra sizes and in standard t-shirt sizes, and panties range from S to XL. There’s no mystery to Affinitas sizing as long as you shop for styles that work for your body type – see the fit note above. If you’re looking for larger sizes, check out the Parfait brand – a complementary line by Affinitas that’s designed for full-busted and full-figured women.


Affinitas bras, panties and camisoles fall at the low mid-range of our price points, making them a great value for women who want a compromise in quality lingerie at an affordable price. Affinitas bras tend to range from $30 to $40, with panties from $12 to $27. Unlike some other brands at this price point – and below – Affinitas also features cute, feminine styles – not just a sturdy, serviceable product. This makes Affinitas a great value.


Affinitas styles run the gamut from simple and practical to cute and feminine, making them truly something for everyone. Affinitas offers several simple staples that form a great base layer for every woman’s wardrobe, but Affinitas also features styles with lace-trimmed cups, leopard prints and other feminine embellishments. When shopping Affinitas styles, make sure you select a cut and coverage that’s appropriate for your body type, as Affinitas styles tend toward less coverage, demi cups and plunge cuts.

Check Out our Favorite Affinitas Bras and Panties

Because Affinitas truly has something for everyone, it’s impossible to pick just one favorite! So here’s a selection of some of our favorite simple staples – and some of the more feminine styles for women who want to show a little more personality.

Simple wardrobe basics:

Check out our complete selection of Affinitas bras, Affinitas panties and Affinitas camisoles to browse for the perfect addition to your new wardrobe!

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