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Have You Had a Bra Fitting Lately?

A Properly Fitted Bra

What’s the number one reason that bras and swimsuits feel uncomfortable or aren’t very flattering? Because they’re not properly fitted! Studies have found that more than 80% of women are walking around every day wearing the wrong bra size. This means that 4 out of every 5 women aren’t wearing the right size bra, or it’s not properly fitted! This can cause everything from:

  • Droopy boobs
  • Double-boobs
  • A “muffin top” effect of spilling out around the bra band
  • Discomfort under the boobs
  • Discomfort or digging into the armpits
  • Straps too tight

Basically, practically every bra or bra-sized swimsuit problem can be solved with proper fit!

But just getting fitted once isn’t the answer – you need to be fitted for a bra regularly, and you need to make sure you’ve had a proper fitting, so you can find the most comfortable and supportive bras and swimsuits.

Why It’s Important to Get Regular Bra Fittings

One common reason that women wear the wrong bra size is because they’ve been fitted once and ‘know’ their size. But the reality is that your bra size and fit changes as you age.

  • Breast tissue loses firmness
  • Breasts get larger when you’re pregnant and may not resume their “old” size after
  • Breasts get larger and smaller as you gain and lose weight

There are tons of reasons that your bra size and fit could change since the last time you’ve been fitted. Experts recommend that you get a bra fitting every year just to make sure you’re shopping for the right size.

Protip: if you’re like most people, you may gain a little bit of weight during the winter and lose it during the summer – so you may need different bra sizes in winter and summer, and these little fluctuations can also change fit – so make sure you’re up-to-date!

Why You Can’t Rely on a Retail Store Bra Fitting

So here’s the tricky part: how are you supposed to get a bra fitting if you can’t rely on a retail store bra fitting? Retail stores may have women who can fit you, but those women may or may not be properly trained in how to fit a bra. So if you’re even thinking about relying on a retail store bra fitting, make sure you choose a reputable store that specializes in bras and bra size swimsuits to have a chance that the fitters know how to properly fit the bra.

The other problem with retail store bra fittings is the fact that retail stores – department stores, in particular – don’t carry a wide range of bra sizes. Many department stores only go up to a DD cup size, for example, but you might actually be an F or an H cup, which is a couple of sizes larger than most department stores carry. To compensate for the fact that they don’t have a wide selection, department store fitters may guide you toward a smaller cup size in a bigger band – which would technically go around your breasts, but which wouldn’t provide good support, wouldn’t look good and wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear. So you might actually be a 32H, but a bra retailer might try to put you in a 36DD because they don’t have a bra that actually fits you.

Check Out Our Bra Fitting Guide for Everything You Need to Know!

Whether you’ve been recently fitted or you haven’t had a bra fitting in years, our Big Girls Bras Guide to Bra Fitting has all the information you need about how to measure and how to fit a bra. Stop dealing with uncomfortable bras and bra sized-swimsuits that don’t provide enough support – get fitted (or fit yourself!) and figure out what size you should be wearing! Don’t be the 4 out of 5 women wearing the wrong bra size – be the 1 in 5 who looks and feels great!