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Unbelievable Prices at Our Biggest Sale Ever!

$96 Empreinte underwear for $6? Yes, please. This is the best way that I can sum up our current sale.  Lots of items are waaaay more than 50% off, and a simply unbelievable clearance.  There is so much on sale that I will let you know below

3 of the Best Underwire Bras For Lasting Comfort

There are plenty of reasons I understand for not wanting underwire in a bra.  But what I wonder often when I research bras and try them is, how many people have sworn off underwire due to a bad experience because they were wearing the wrong size?  I

Forget the Size and Concentrate on the Fit!

Since I have began my bra education here at Big Girls Bras, I think that the most important lesson I have learned is that you simply don’t wear the same size in each bra.  Before or after I try on a bra I read tons of reviews

The Ultimate Comfort Found in the Aviana Soft Cup Minimizer Bra

Today I must gush over another bra which is the Aviana Soft Cup Minimizer Bra 2357.  I wanted to try this bra because of how popular it is.  I can hardly begin to list the reasons why this bra would normally be passed over by me; first

Comfort, Class, and Confidence with the Elomi Rita

So for today’s blog I wanted to highlight a bra I just fell in love with.  I also did a video review which should be released this week, but for me it is much easier to gush in writing. The Elomi Rita 8011.  It is a true