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Bras and Lingerie Care

Love Your Lingerie!

At BGB, we love lingerie and we're sure you do too. Our bras, panties, shapewear, and other lingerie pieces are our most delicate, yet most mighty articles of clothing; they endure hours of wear and tear, but are still expected to look beautiful and feel luxurious for many wears. The better care we give our delicates, the longer they'll stay fresh and supportive, which means you'll get the most out of your fine investment.

When you are ready to freshen up your lingerie wardrobe, we've got a lovely assortment of supportive, supple underwear, beautiful, supportive bras, and gorgeous lingerie in styles that support, smooth, and beautify. Indulge your softer side!

How to Clean Your Bras

The gentlest way to wash your intimates is in a sink or deep basin, filled with cold water and a little gentle detergent, such as Dreft, Ivory Snow, or Baby Shampoo or a specialty lingerie detergent which typically have the added benefit of being hypoallergenic to prevent any skin sensitivities. We recommend avoiding Woolite® as it may cause fabric pores to clog.

The actual cleaning is a snap: just soak your garment for a few minutes, then gently rub it with your hands to make sure you remove all traces of sweat, lotion, perfumes and oils that may have accumulated. Once done cleaning the garment, rinse with cold water to remove the detergent and remove the excess water by pressing it between two clean towels gently. Dry by laying it flat.

While always safest to wash by hand, if you do decide to machine-wash, always use the most delicate cycle, fasten hooks and eyes to prevent tangles, and use a lingerie bag to protect your delicate pieces. Never wring, never twist, and never put intimates into the dryer. The heat from a dryer will cause elastic, Spandex, and Lycra to break down, meaning you'll lose stretch and support.

Heat from an iron is also destructive to stretch and support fibers. If your pieces look a bit slouchy, give them a gentle steaming instead. We want to help your favorite pieces endure, and by taking a little extra care you'll save money.

How to Store Your Lingerie

Storing bras, lingerie and panties carefully is also important in helping them stay beautiful for a long time. Prevent snagging by storing lingerie separately, with all snaps, clasps, or buttons fastened.

Underwire bras can be safely folded in the middle but any molded or padded cup bras should be laid flat and can be stacked to maintain their shape. Do NOT invert the cups into each other; this will damage and shorten the life of the bra drastically. Merry widows, bustiers and corsets should be rolled lengthwise to keep boning from bending, then laid flat.

How to Pack Your Bras

When traveling, pack your bras and lingerie the same way you would store them, making sure all hooks and clasps are fastened. Moulded bra cups can be stuffed with folded t-shirts or panties to help maintain their shape.

You might want to consider packing delicate pieces in sealed plastic zippered bags to protect them from any Velcro or zippers they could come in contact with otherwise. It's also a good idea to keep toiletries inside of zippered plastic bags to prevent any spills.

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